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Puppy surprise is a cute loveable furry dog that has hidden puppies in her belly. I really like the idea of the mummy dog giving birth to puppies, my daughter loved it! There are 3 different dogs you can get – Sugar, Zoey and Popcorn. We got Zoey. Which is pink with white ears.


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Each dog has either 3, 4 or 5 puppies in her belly. That’s the surprise! How many will she have. But be warned, only 1 in every 4 dogs with have 4 or 4 puppy’s, most will have just 3. Which is what we had. Which little Miss was not happy about. She stomped off in a huff. LOL. “It’s not fair! Why I have only got 3 puppies?”


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But eventually she calmed down and came and played with her new puppies. Zoey had 2 girls and a little boy pup. She decided to call the puppies Cookie, Button and Lexi.


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I really like this toy and Caitlin does now she has come to terms with only having 3 puppies. But I have found Caitlin and Aaron playing with this and the dog giving birth to all sorts of different things besides just puppies. They thought it would be a good place to hide my mobile phone too.


Puppy Surprise is RRP £24.99 and available to buy from Argos , Smythes and The Entertainer


I received a puppy surprise in return for this review. all opinions are mine


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