Our Home Welcomes The Elf on the Shelf

I have heard of The Elf on the Shelf ® tradition, but thought it was only an American thing. But when I found out that the scout elves also visit the UK, I was really excited when I was asked if I would like one to visit us this year. The Elf on the Shelf® arrived one day while the kids where still at school and sat on the edge of our TV with his book The Elf on the Shelf : A Christmas Tradition.

The kids couldn’t believe their eyes when they first saw him, or should I say her, as our elf is a girl scout elf.


The Elf on the shelf 1


We sat down together and read the book. It told us why the elf has come to our house, to check if we have been naughty or nice and each night she will fly back to the North Pole to report to Santa what she has seen and heard and how the kids have been behaving. When she fly’s back she finds I new spot to sit and have fun, until we wake up in the morning and come and find her.

The rules are that no one is to touch her and she can’t speak, so Santa says. But she is a very good listener and will let Santa know what is on your Christmas wish list. But the very first thing we must do is give her a name. There was a few disagreements about this as the boys wanted to call her Eva but Caitlin wanted to call her Ella. So we went for both, she is now called Eva Ella.


the elf on the shelf book

The Elf on the shelf book 3


Our scout elf, Eva Ella, has been with us about 2 weeks now and has been really making herself at home. Here are a few things she has been up to while we were all tooked up in bed.


Colouring in my Christmas colouring book
The Elf on the shelf 2

Drawing moustache’s on mine and my husbands facesThe Elf on the shelf 4

Playing on my husbands playstation (he wasn’t very happy)

The Elf on the shelf 5

Taking a look through Ryan’s microscope

The Elf on the shelf 6

Reading the takeaway menu

The Elf on the shelf 7

Eating some Coco popsThe Elf on the shelf 8

Driving around the living room in Caitlin’s doll car with Peppa Pig

The Elf on the shelf 9

Making a smiley face and some Skittles

The Elf on the shelf 10

And I am sure she will be doing load’s more of things between now and Christmas Eve when she goes back home, which I will share with you in a future post.

My kids are absolutely loving having The Elf on the Shelf® visiting us and I wished she had visited a few years ago. I love getting up with the kids in the morning and going downstairs to find Eva Ella and to see what she has been up too. Makes me feel so much better when I have to get out of bed and it’s dark outside and freezing.

Do you have The Elf on the Shelf® visit your house? If so, what is the funniest thing they have got up to?

If you have never had a scout elf visit, you can find out more about them at Santa’s Store

The Elf on the Shelf Collage

Family Fever
3 Little Buttons

We received The Elf on the Shelf in return for this post. All opinions are mine

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  1. We have brought an elf on the shelf for the first time this year, my children are probably either too old ( 13) or too young ( 1 & 2) to appreciate it but we thought it would be a lovely tradition to start whilst they are young and I can not wait to see the look on theire faces when he makes his apperance on the 1st . xx
    Lindsay @ Newcastle Family Life recently posted…Lunch At Blackfriars NewcastleMy Profile

  2. I’ve seen this elf around quite a few times. I think he’s adorable and it would be nice to have him at home this Christmas.

    • It’s to help kids understand that they have to be good, as the scout elf with report back to santa each night and tell him what their behaviour has been like. Every time they whine, I say, Eva Ella (our elf) and see and hear you and will tell santa what you’ve been up too. They soon change their behaviour

  3. I LOVE this elf on the shelf idea, it looks sooooo much fun! I’m sure my children would like it too. I like the driving around in the car with Peppa pig, hehehe. I wonder if I can find (any kind of) an elf tomorrow. I’ve left it a bit late but it’s worth a look! No time to order from amazon now. Boooo.
    This is a really lovely tradition 🙂 Thanks for inspiring me! xx
    Sarah recently posted…Cats on Caturday!My Profile

  4. We’ve been very lucky and had a boy and a girl elf (Giggles and Muggle) come and stay with us for the first time this year. They’ve made themselves very much at home and even my little 2 year old has got on board with the whole “not touching” thing. Although they were found tucking into a jammie dodger this morning and it has taken every ounce of his willpower not to “share” with them. 😉 Thanks for linking with #DreamTeam x