A few months ago we got rid of our Sky TV subscription. We was paying almost £70 a month and just couldn’t really afford it. The main channels we watched were the free ones. But I also lived watching the movies, but paying £70 to watch few movies was a bit silly really. My husband liked watching the sports channels, as he is a big Man United fan. But they Man U games seem to be all on BT Sports, which you have to pay extra to get. I love my F1, and was also watching that on Sky. They do have a few races on BBC 1 but most are pre-recorded and I like watch them live. But again, £70 a month to just watch about 18 races a year is ridicules! So we had to bite the bullet and say goodbye.

I have really missed watching the movie channels the most. When the kids were in bed me and my husband often cuddled on the sofa watch either one of our many DVD’s or a film on Sky Movies. We have watched our DVD’s countless times, so often get a bit boring. But we had no films to watch on the telly! So I was really delighted when I got chosen to be a NOW TV blogger!!

I get a free 3 month subscription to the Movies, Sports and Entertainment packages!!

We don’t get a now TV box, but we can watch it through my laptop or through my husbands Playstation 4, which is connected to our main TV in our living, so is perfect!




The Entertainment pack is just £6.99 a month

This pack as 13 channels that you won’t find on freeview. And over 250 Box sets to choose from. The channels include Sky 1, Gold, Comedy Central, Discovery, Nickelodeon, Nick jr and Disney channel. Some great programmes available are The Walking Dead, The Leftovers and my little one’s favourite, Peppa Pig


The Movie pack is £9.99 a month

Over 1,000 movies to choose from with 16 premiers added a month. Films include family favourites like, Ratatouille and Frozen, oldies but goodies like Titanic and Robocop and new films like Ex Machina and Into The Woods.  There is something for everyone.


The sport pack is £31.99 a month, or you can buy a day pass for £6.99 and a week pass for £10.99

Channels include Sky Sports 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5, Sky Sports News and Sky F1. And watch all LIVE!!


So far I have watched a 2 movies on my laptop and loads via the PS4. Both are brilliant pictures and are easy to pause, rewind etc. The only thing I did find while watch a film through the PS$ is that sometimes it pauses like it is buffing for a few seconds and a little icon comes up on the screen. This hasn’t happen while watching through my laptop, so don’t know what is causing it. It is a little annoying but only lasts a few seconds. But with over 1,000 movies to choose from and only just £9.99 a month, If I was just 4 a month, that works out at only £2.50 a film. Which is cheaper than renting through the PS4 store or Amazon. I will definitely be keeping my movie subscription on when my free time ends.

My hubbie has watched a couple of football programmes, Mainly the Sky Sports News channel. But I bit expensive for us at the moment, as we are trying to save money. But if there was a special football match on that my husband just had to watch, then I think he would by the day pass.

The entertainment package is great for people who love their box sets. and at only £6.99 a month is quite a bargain. I don’t really watch them that much, so not to bothered about this package. But I think my kids would cry if I got rid of it, as when I got rid of Sky TV they really missed Nick jr which has all their favourite programmes on. So now they have it back they are loving it!! They keep nicking my laptop of me when they come home from school.

And one of the best things about NOW TV is that you are not in a yearly contract!! You can just pay for a month and cancel. How good is that?

And if you would like to sign up for any of the NOW TV packages I have a special offer for you

Sign up to the Entertainment Package  –  Get 50% off the first 3 months, then £6.99 a month after.

Sign up to the Movie Package – Get 50% off the first 3 Months, then £9.99 a month after

Sign up to the Sport Package – Get a £10 voucher – £31.99 a month

And don’t forget you can cancel at anytime. So you can get your first 3 month half price on the movies and entertainment package, than cancel. Just don’t forget to cancel before the 3 months end, otherwise you will pay the full price for the next month.


Fa`mily Fever

I receive a free 3 month subscription to NOW TV as part of their blogger programme. All opinions are mine

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7 comments on “NOW TV – At fantastic prices”

  1. I looked at getting a now tv box for ages, but we settled on getting netflix instead. We dont need anything else in our house hold as we arnt sports fans so its a fantasic saving. Plus being netflix we dont need a tv license as we chucked out our signal cable after the cats chewed through it 🙂

    Umber x

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