My 2 boys love their Nerf guns. in fact they have quite a few. Caitlin, my little princess also enjoys playing with them and now there is a girl’s range out in bright girly colours, which she loves. We were sent the Nerf Rebelle Secret and Spies Arrow Revolution Bow to review.

It comes in a really long box and even then the bow is in two parts. You need to click it together and tighten with a screw.  I found that once it was together it was impossible to un-click apart. It comes with 6 whistling darts. You load them into the arrow holder. Press the trigger to release one arrow into the holder. Line up on the elastic string, pull back, aim and fire!


nerf rebelle Secret and Spies Arrow Revolution Bow


nerf rebelle Secret and Spies Arrow Revolution Bow


The arrows have a little slit in them that slot onto the elastic string, so easy for kids.


nerf rebelle 4


Look through the pink circle to get your aim.


nerf rebelle 4

nerf rebelle 5

nerf rebelle 6

nerf rebelle 7


The arrows come out really fast, and I mean really fast. When I first had a go, it scared me as it whistles as well which I wasn’t expecting.

My little princess loves this and has been practising her aim firing at toilet rolls. the best thing about it, so she says, is the colours, as they are the same colours as Frozen. She is a massive Frozen fan and dresses up in her Anna costume and pretends to shot Hans. LOL.

This Nerf Rebelle Secret and Spies Arrow Revolution Bow has a RRP of £39.99. But is currently on offer at Argos for £29.99 and at Smyths for just £26.49

The only downside to this is that there aren’t anyway to store the arrows when you are not playing with it. But other than that a fab toy.

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I receive the Nerf Rebelle Bow in return for this post. All opinions are mine


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