Mega Bloks Build-a-Minion Review

lego minion box


When I was asked if we would like to review the new Mega Bloks Build-a-Minion, I thought yes, this is going to be so much fun! The kids love minions (and so do I) and ha sit’s Mega Bloks it won’t take that long to make. I should have realized when it clearly states on the box suitable for age 5+ and how many pieces it contains.

Yes, it’s wasn’t big blocks like I was expecting. It was small blocks, like Lego. That’s where I got things mixed up. I confused Mega Bloks with Duplo! How thick am I?

This is what the contents look like :


lego minion packs


It had about 10 different bags full of bloks and 2 instruction booklets. Yes! Two!

So we got to work, starting with the eyes


lego minion eyes


The kids liked helping finding the correct pieces needed. But it would have been easier if each step was all in the same bag. We had to check all the bags to find the correct pieces which was a bit time-consuming.

After an hour of building our Minion, this is how far we got :


lego minion - 1 hour


Eyes, arms and feet done. And we still had a lot more to do.

After 2 hours of building he looked like this :


lego minion - 2 hours


Main body done.

The kids started getting a bit fed up now and went upstairs to do other things, while I continued building him by myself.

It took me a total of 3.5 hours to build him!! And that was by missing a stage out to build the smaller sized minion. If I was to build the taller Minion, like the one on the box, it would have taken me over 4 hours.

But isn’t he cute!?


lego minion - fin 1


I love him!

He has a  little opening in his belly where you can put a small Minion toys (comes with the set) to control the big monster minion.


lego minion - fin 3

lego minion - fin 4

Mega Bloks Build-a-minion


This would make a really great present for any Minion fan. My youngest two are 6 and 4 (just turned 6 and almost 5) and they found it really hard to build. There is no way they could build this on their own. So it would be something to do as a family. My eldest is 10 and even he got a bit frustrated with some of the instructions and it was hard to see where each bit went. But the kids love the finished Minion and loved playing with him. Aaron wanted me to take him apart and start all over again!

This Mega Bloks Build-a-Minion has a RRP £49.99 and is available to buy from Toy’s ‘R’ Us, Argos and Smyths (currently on offer at Argos and Smyths for £37.49)

What do you think of this build-a-Minion?


I received a build-a-minion in return for this post. All opinions are mine

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