LEGO Awesome Ideas Book Review

I received this book a while again, but only just got round to reviewing it. But the wait has been worth it has it’s a really great book full of, well, really awesome ideas!


lego Awesome ideas book 1


The items to build are sorted by topic. which include:

  • Outer Space
  • Modern Metropolis
  • The Wild West
  • Fantasy Land
  • The Real World

There are some really Awesome models. Like this space station research lab. I love the little hand grabbers!


Lego awesome ideas book 2


How amazing is this fantasy river?!


Lego awesome ideas book 6


I love building building when I play Lego with the kids and I love this 3 story office block. How sweet is that reception area? And love that water cooler!


Lego awesome ideas book 3


Also in the Modern Metropolis category pages show you how to build furniture, I especially love the book case. There’s also cash machines, ambulance, traffic lights, vegetable crops, tents to name but only a few.

There is also a section on how to build fences, pathways, walls, towers and my favourite, roofs.

I really love the candy roof.


Lego awesome ideas book 5


The book also shows you how to build cute little creatures, like this caterpillar


Lego awesome ideas book 4


My favourite section out of the whole book was the last one, The Real World. Which included things like, chocolate, sweets, combs, mobile phones and highlighter pens.

I really love this cute little duck!


Lego awesome ideas book 7


My favourite item from the whole book are these super cute crayons and crayon box. How cute are these?!


Lego awesome ideas book 8

This book would make a great Christmas gift for any Lego fan. you can buy it here :


You can also buy all the Lego you need from the Amazon LEGO Store


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