Kids Christmas Gift Guide 2015

Yep! it’s that time of year again when the kids are pestering for everything they see. But what to get them this year?  don’t worry, I have complied a lust of some of the fantastic toys and games out there this year. Take a look.


kids christmas gift guide 2015


Nerf Guns – My kids love Nerf guns and are always asking for them. Choose from the Elite, N-Strike, Mega, Zombie range and now also they have the Rebelle range for girls. Review to come soon

Baby Born Bathtime Fun – Baby Born bathtime fun is a soft-bodied doll that can go in water. Suitable for children aged 1+.  See my review of Baby born bathtime doll here

Kids Colouring Books – I love adult colouring books and my kids are always trying to nick mine, so to stop them I will be getting their own ones this Christmas.

Hulk Superhero – Kids just love superheroes and at the moment my youngest likes Hulk.

Aqua Beads – We received some Aqua beads a while ago and my little girl loved them. She keeps asking for more, so they are on her list this year

StarLily – This is supposed to be the number 1 toy this year. Any little girl would love a magical unicorn. Review to come soon

Lalaloopsy Colour me in Doll – how cute is this? My little princess would love her very own doll to colour in

Hot Wheels Track – My kids love hot wheels. They get new sets and cars every year. You can see my review of the newest set The Volcano Blast here

Lottie Doll – We love Lottie!! she is the perfect little doll for girls, has she looks like an actual girl, not a women with boobs and make-up . You can see my review of Lottie here

Monster High Styling Head – My niece loves Monster High, so this would be perfect for her. It comes with hair extensions, tattoos and jewellery

Playmobil – Who doesn’t like Playmobil? It’d a favourite in our house! And there is just so many sets to choose from. You can see my The Musical Flower Tower review and The Musical Flower Tower review here.

Yellow Moon Crafts – Another thing we love in our house is crafts. And Yellow moon have some really fantastic set and bits and pieces. You can see us making some Halloween and Autumn crafts here

UKick – This was featured on Dragon’s Den and is basically a toy that you kick and throw about. My kids would have hours of fun with this.

PLYT – This is a great new numbers games. Perfect for both children and adults, have fun while improving your mind!

Robot Run – Orchard Toys have the best games for young kids. We have quite a few ourselves. You can see our reviews of Robot Run, Shopping List game, Bus Stop game here

Colour Change Bubble Lamp – If you’re struggling to find a pressie for a teen, then why not get them a novelty light. I love this bubble lamp.

So what’s on your kids Christmas list for Santa this year. What’s your favourite item from my list?

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