10 Creative Way to decorate your Bedroom Walls

Decorating bedroom walls can be so much fun. With these under given DIYs and ‘ready-made’ ideas, now you can make the best out of your walls and let your walls play an important role in enhancing your room décor.

Canvas prints for the Wall

pic 1

Available from thecanvasprints.co.uk from £48.48

Create interesting walls with canvas prints. These prints are easy to order online and can be delivered at your doorstep.

Create interesting grids with these frames or go for saloon style walls.

Beautiful Wrought Iron Wall Shelve Stands

pic 2.1

Available from $49 on touchofclass.com

These beautiful wrought iron wall shelve stands/frames can bring life to any bedroom wall. These look classy and can be a great addition to any room décor. These frames/stands can be painted in any metallic/non-metallic colour according to the décor and theme of the room.

These iron stands can then bear beautiful wooden planks on their top for storing or placing either the decoration pieces or other important things that can help improve the look of the room. The wooden planks can be painted or polished as per the requirement.

Place interesting things like candle stands, vintage clocks and frames on this shelf to complement the classic bedroom style

This easy DIY Shelf will surely enhance your décor on a budget. Guess what it’s made off?

decorate your bedroom walls with up-cycled shoe boxes

Check full tutorial with images at cremedelacraft.com

Need extra shelves on your wall? Or want to make your bedroom wall exciting and fun on a budget? Well the answer for both is the ‘shoebox shelf’.

All you need for this project is:



Glue (It cannot be a simple glue. You will have to get a wall mount adhesive glue from a hardware store)

Yes! The simple ingredient is the ‘Shoebox’.

How to do it:

  • Paint the shoeboxes inside out according to the colour theme of your room
  • Let the paint dry and your shelves will be ready to install
  • Paste the back of these Shoebox wall shelves on the wall using the glue
  • Place décor items on these shelves but make sure that these items are not very heavy and the material (mostly cardboard) with which the shoeboxes are made, can lift the weight.


Wall Mounted Candle Stands to enhance the ambience

decorate your bedroom walls with this beautiful candle holder

Available from Amazon UK for £26.90

These beautiful wall mounted wrought iron candle stands are intricately designed and look great on the walls of a bedroom. They can serve as a perfect addition to the décor of a romantic bedroom. Candles in these stands help to illuminate the room and provide perfectly romantic candle light at night. Install these candle stands by your bed side or wall mount them in your walkway into the room.

Use battery candles instead of real ones for safety purposes.

Easy and Simple 4 ingredient DIY Coffee Stirrer Frame

pic 5

These beautiful DIY frames can enhance the décor of any room and serve as perfect wall decor. Things required to create this artwork include:

Coffee stirrer sticks




Wooden base/tray

How to do it:

  • Paint the sticks in different colours of your choice
  • Paint the outer base/tray in black colour
  • Glue the base of the tray and arrange the stirrers inside the frame tightly
  • Place these tray frames on the shelves or attach a hook on the back to hang these on the wall


Bring Nature into your room with these Full Wall murals

pic 6

Available from amazon.co.uk for £44.99

An excellent room décor idea can be to bring nature into your room with the help of these full size wall murals. Measure your wall and get a beautiful scene of nature printed. Paste this mural on the room wall. This perfect wall décor idea will help you welcome nature in your life every day you wake up.

Simple Etched Glass Wall to Create the Wow Look

pic 7

Make your walls interesting by adding in etched glass pieces or a huge piece fixed inside the wall. This etched glass looks beautiful as a part of your bedroom and can be placed inside the wall instead of a window frame.

Decorate around this focal point (etched glass) and complete the look for an outstanding décor.

This easy DIY Wall Paper/Fabric Panels will blow your mind

pic 8

Credit to DIY by bella_dia

Yes, these panels are beautiful and can be created on a very small budget at hand. All you need to do is to use leftover or buy some fabric from a thrift store for very less cost. Frame beautifully printed wall paper with oriental and other interesting designs and enjoy a complete beautiful look for less.

Different style mirrors on the wall

pic 9


Mirrors look beautiful and create an illusion space in the bedroom. You can use framed/unframed mirrors cut into different interesting shapes and group them together on the wall. These mirrors reflect light to make the room much brighter than it actually is and look beautiful.

Wooden Letters on Canvas

pic 10

Check full DIY at allparenting

Wooden letters on canvas can help you express your emotions and look beautiful at the same time. Create this beautiful wall décor yourself at home. All you need to make these frames is:

A fawn or light collared single tone canvas stretched on a frame

Ready-made wooden letters

Spray paint

How to do it:

  • Spray paint the letters in the shade as of the base canvas colour
  • Write whatever you want with these letters on the canvas and stick them to the base canvas

Hang this beautiful canvas on your wall and enjoy

This post was written by Juliet Halliwell for Serenity You

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  1. I agree with the point you made about the beautiful illusion that mirrors can bring to a bedroom. Not only does it do that, but, like you mentioned, they also reflect light and make the room more bright and enjoyable to be in.

  2. I love the shelves, these would fit in perfect with my bedroom. Thank you for sharing these great ideas with us,

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