Cleaning Up with Plenty

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I have never been a fan of kitchen roll and always use baby wipes to clean up the bits of toast of my kitchen side or the spilt weetabix on my dining table. But then I tried Plenty wipes. The great thing about these wipes is that they are a lot thicker and bigger than baby wipes and has these are made for tough stains they also clean my husband’s curry stains of the sideboard a lot easier than the baby wipe too.

And I haven’t even told you about the best thing about these yet!

They come in a lovely tub! This looks so much better on my kitchen side.


plenty wipes 3


The wipes come in refill packs, that you simply rip open the top and place in your pretty tub.


plenty wipes 2


And now more problem fiddling about trying to thread the wipes through the hole in the lid. Has they come with a plastic tab threaded through the first wipe. That you simply thread through and pull out the other side, leaving the wipes easy to pull out


plenty wipes 4

plenty wipes 5


I am loving these Plenty wipes and can’t believe I haven’t tried them before today. So much easier!

And I love that these are bio-degradable, as I have seen that most thick kitchen wipes aren’t. And this is very important to me, has I use wipes often. The baby wipes I currently use are bio-degradable, but ever so small and thin, so I have to use about 4 or 5 on one job. With these Plenty wipes I just need to use the one. Brilliant!


Do you currently use any type of kitchen wipes?


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