A New Family Christmas Tradition with Dobbie

We love Christmas in our house and already have a few Christmas traditions that we do every year. We always put our Tree up the first Sunday in December or the last Sunday in November if the 1st is closer to that day. We put Christmas songs on and get all the decorations out. I always put the lights and tinsel on the tree than the kids put all the baubles on and we save the star to last and it is always my husband that puts that on top of the tree. We always have advent calendars, sometimes I make my own like the Mini Box advent calendar and the Mini Box advent calendar I did a few years ago. But normally I just buy the kids the £1 ones. But I do wish I brought more special ones like this Playmobil advent.

Another Christmas tradition we do, which we started 8 years ago when Ryan was just 2 years old, is our Christmas Eve Box. I either do a big box with everything in, or smaller boxes for each kids. The boxes contain new pj’s, slipper socks, chocolates, craft or colouring book, bubble bath, reindeer food and a new dvd.

The kids open thier boxes in the morning and we spend most of the day in our pj’s watching Christmas films. This year we are starting a new tradition with Dobbie the tenth reindeer. In the afternoon we will be settling on the sofa with cozy blankets and Dobbie and will watch our new film and all our old Christmas films too.

Here we all are with Dobbie about to watch Elf.


dobbie christmas films tradition 1

dobbie christmas films tradition 2


Here Dobbie is with a pile of some of our favourite Christmas films. You can find my Top Ten Christmas Films here


Christmas Tradition with Dobbie - watching Christmas films


If you fancy starting a new family tradition take a look here for some ideas. And if you would like to start your own new Christmas tradition with Dobbie the tenth reindeer you can buy him here.

watching films with Dobbie isn’t the only new tradition we have started this year. We have also started The Elf on the Shelf and having so much fun.


So what Christmas tradition do you and your family do? Are you planning on starting any new ones this year?


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