Big Alphabet Jigsaw from Orchard Toys

We are loving Orchard Toys in our house, and I am so happy to be one of their newest blog ambassadors. We recently reviewed their Robot Run game which the kids really enjoyed, today I am sharing with you their Big Alphabet Jigsaw.

It contains 26 pieces and is a full poster size when completed. It’s suitable for ages 3-6 years.


Orchard Toys Big Alphabet Jigsaw 1


It comes with a poster so you can copy it or even stick on your bedroom wall. Here’s Caitlin, 5, trying to do it. She knows all her letters, so it was quite easy for her to do. Her brother Aaron, 4 has also done it and really enjoyed doing it, has he is currently learning his letters at school.


Orchard Toys Big Alphabet Jigsaw 2

Orchard Toys Big Alphabet Jigsaw 3

Orchard Toys Big Alphabet Jigsaw 4


The Big Alphabet Jigsaw is priced at £9.75 and you can by it direct from the Orchard Toys website. A selection of Orchard Toys are also available from Argos, Smyths and Amazon



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