I received one of these lovely bean bags from Bean Bag Planet to review a few months ago now. I have only just managed to get the review up today has everything has been so hectic the last few months. You can read about my little nephew Morgan here. But I am back on track now.

So any way, I choose a greeny blue one with circles on for my boys bedroom, mainly so my eldest has something to sit on when he is playing on his computer games.

It arrived in a big box, with the cover and a big bag of foam beans.


bean bag 1


The back as a zip compartment, which another zip inside of it, to put all the beans in.


bean bag 2


You have to put the beans in yourself. Now this is where the fun starts.

As per instructions, you open the bag of beans and put the neck of it into the bean bag cover and slowly tip the beans in. Well, this is what happened when I tried to do this


bean bag 3


My husband was not well pleased! I had more beans on my floor than I did in the bean bag!

So after spending over half an hour picking them all up and putting in the bean bag cover by hand, it was finally up.


bean bag 4


I really like the shape of the bag and it’s really comfy to sit on. My eldest hasn’t used it to sit on while playing his games, as he says that it’s too low down. But my other son who is 4 has enjoyed sitting on it while reading his books.

The other good thing about this is that you can add-on an additional cover that goes on with a zip fastening. It has a harness on for a baby to lie down in, which I think is brill. So when I have my baby niece over to stay I can put her in this.

The downside is that I left this in the boy’s room! One day I went in their room to find that Aaron had decided to open the back and take a lot inside. Yes, you guessed it. A bedroom full of foam beans!!


bean bag 5


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I received the above bean bag in return for this post. All opinions are mine

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  1. I also have a 4 year old and can definitely see beads all over my house. It is a really cute chair though. Was it easy to clean up at least? Thanks for sharing.

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