Today I am showing you some more great items from the new Playmobil Super 4 range. We have The Lost Island with Alien and Raptor and the Black Colossus. If you have a little girl who is not in to ‘boys toys’ you may find yesterdays review of the Playmobil Magical flower Tower more appropriate, or may be the Take Along Princess Birthday set.

My youngest, Aaron, 4, is really into dinosaurs right now, so this is great for him.


playmobil dino 1


In the set you get a some dino tree play set with a dinosaur, alien with a boomarang and figure with a magnifying glass. and also a bunch of mushrooms. Maybe these are for the alien to eat.

I love the bright trees and there is also a dragonfly that can sit on top of them.


playmobil dino 2

playmobil dino 3

playmobil dino 4


Next is the Black Colossus. I don’t like that name so I just call him the evil knight. He comes with a shield and sword, and a holder on his back to hold the sword. He also has a red gem on his chest that you have to stick on yourself. It is so small I nearly throw it away when I took everything out the box. I would have preferred it this came already stuck on with some strong glue, as it keeps falling off.


playmobil knight figure 1

playmobil knight figure 2

playmobil knight figure 3

playmobil knight figure 4


The Lost Island set is priced at £14.99 and the Black Colossus is £9.99.

You can buy these super 4 set direct from the Playmobil online store. You can also buy Playmobil from Argos, Smyths and Amazon


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I received these sets for being a #PlaymobilPlayologist. All opinions are mine

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