This is my 2-year-old nephew, Morgan. 9 weeks ago he was diagnosed with a brain tumour. He has an Astrocytoma tumour on his brain stem. So far he has been put under general anaesthetic 14 times and had surgery 7 times. He has been on anti sickness tablets, steroids to help build him up and numerous different pain killers, he has also had 3 infections and this is all before he has even started on chemo.


Morgan - 13th september 2015


My sister Hayley also has 2 other children from a previous relationship and Ste, her partner also has a daughter. They also have a 10 week old baby together. She was born just a week before Morgan’s was diagnosed. Since Morgan’s diagnosed he has been in QMC in Nottingham. They have been able to have their newborn baby, Heidi, stay with them in the hospital and also often stay at Billy’s House. But she only see’s her eldest two boys every 2 weeks or so. They are only 7 and 5 and are currently staying with our mum and dad.

me and some friends of Hayley’s and Ste have come together and decided to have a Children’s Party to raise money for them. We will also be holding a raffle to win some great prizes, along with a cake stall and there looks like there could also be a naked calendar in the making!

Has we don’t know what Morgan’s prognosis is, Hayley would love to take all the kids on a family holiday to Disneyland and to make some really happy memories that will last a lifetime.

If you would like to donate toward Morgan’s Fight please go to his Go Fund Me page


Also if you are a brand, company or pr, I am looking for some prizes for the raffle. If you would like to donate please contact me at or if you have any other way in wish you would like to help please feel free to let me know your ideas.

Thank you so much xx


Please share this post and Morgan’s Go fund Me Page as much as possible and please use hashtag #Morgangraysfight

You can also keep updated with Morgan;s progress and his fund raising on this facebook group Morgan’s Fight


Morgan, just before he was diagnosed



Morgan Now






Morgan and his mum Hayley



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14 comments on “Morgan’s Fight”

  1. This is so heartbreaking I really don’t have any words to say. I can’t imagine what your family are going through. It’s situations like this that remind you just how lucky you are to be 100% fit & healthy. I really hope something can be done to make him better! xxx
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  2. Really heart wrenching everytime I think of anyone going through this
    My thoughts are with Morgan and his family

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