I am now a brand ambassador for Zapf Creation Baby Born. We was sent our first baby born doll to review a few weeks ago. it was the soft-bodied Baby Born Bathing Fun doll. The doll comes with a bottle and nappy. So give her a drink of water and she will wet her nappy. Her romper suit has an easy fastening Velcro which makes it really easier for younger children to remove and put back on again.


baby born bathtime doll 1

baby born bathtime doll 2

baby born bathtime doll 3


Baby Born Bathing Fun has a soft and quick drying body, so is suitable to go in the bath.


baby born bathtime doll 4

baby born bathtime doll 5


All snuggled up and ready for bed.


baby born bathtime doll 6


This Baby Born is suitable for children 2+ and is priced around £19.99

Caitlin really liked this doll. And I like that when taking it out of the bath, it did dry really quickly, so Caitlin could take it to bed with her almost straight away. She just had to get dry and get her nightie on first.  This Baby Born doll is perfect for younger kids, has the hard bodied Baby Born’s maybe a bit hard for them.


my little baby bathing fun


You can find Zapf creation on Facebook and Twitter

You can buy Baby Born at Argos and Smyths



I received the baby born doll in return for this post. All opinions are mine

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