With the Rugby World Cup under way we were sent out some rugby themed crafts from Yellow Moon. We are not really big fans of rugby in our house, My husband and eldest son are into football and I am more into F1. But we thought we would get into the spirit of things and try our hand at these. We were sent the rugby keyring set and the rugby coaster set. My eldest Ryan wasn’t interested in doing them, he’s 10 and already acting like a moody teenager. So I did these with my youngest too, Caitlin, 5 and Aaron, 4.


yellowmoon rugby 1


We started with the coasters. They come in a set of 6, 2 of each colour. They are made of foam and all you have to get the kids to do is stick on the foam stickers on the foam coaster.


yellowmoon rugby 2


These were so easy to do that O didn’t even have to explain to the kids how to do them. The only thing they asked was, “What is the white piece for?” Which in fact, you can write your name on this, so everyone can have their own coaster. We used sharpie permanent markers to write our names and they didn’t smudge or soak into the foam at all.


yellowmoon rugby collage 1

yellowmoon rugby 15


Then it was onto the keyrings, which were a bit trickier than the coasters. There are 4 keyrings in a pack, each one different.


yellowmoon rugby 11


You start of by tying the string around the keyring, then treading through the beads. Aaron found this hard, as sometimes he could only get one end of the string through the beads, so I had to help him with this.  Caitlin also struggled a bit with this but was determined to do it herself.


yellowmoon rugby 16


Then you have to tie the rugby shaped piece on to the end and cut of the excess string. The kids loved the final result of these and have fastened them onto their school book bags to show all their friends.


yellowmoon rugby collage 2

yellowmoon rugby 17


Overall the kids liked the coasters the most. I also think these are great to put into party bags and Yellow Moon have more coaster like these but in different themes

  • The rugby coaster sets are priced at £3.99 for a pack of 6, but they are currently on sale for just £1.99
  • The rugby keyrings are priced at £2.99, but currently on offer for £1.49


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I received the above packs to review for being a Yellow Moon Ambassador. All opinions are mine 

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