The second item I received as part of being a PLAYMOBIL Playologist is this lovely princess set. You can see my review of the first item I received, a Fire engine here. I was really excited that I received this set has I knew my little miss would absolutely love this. She is really into princess at the moment and this was perfect for her.

This set is called the Take Along Princess Birthday and is priced at £49.99

The set comes with 3 figures – the princess, prince  and little girl, birthday cake, presents, flowers, balloon, dog, cat, swan, frog plus a few other bits. And when you have finished playing with it the floor lifts up and can be placed inside with all the bits and pieces and be fastened and carried away.






It was really easy to put together. The backdrop scenes are made from card and just slide in. The floors just push into place.




Place the tree and flowers in the holes on the floor and you’re ready to play.


Playmobil Take along princess birthday set


I love the little gold plates and the glasses filled with water.




There is a little purple heart balloon which is really cute. I love the swan, duck and frog that can swim and play in the pond. Caitlin, my little girl loves putting the frog on the rock and asking the princess to kiss him and make him turn into the prince.  Which she then hides the frog and the prince magical appears. You can tell see has been watching the Princess and The Frog.




Cute little birds and butterflies which can sit in the tree and flowers






I love that the present boxes can open, so when Caitlin plays with this she puts little gifts in them. So far the frog has been in the most, along with pieces of lego and some chocolate.





The princess has a remove skirt and also removable crown, necklaces and bracelet. The princes cuffs and hat can also be removed too.




All packed away. I placed all the pieces in a self seal bag, so not to lose any of the pieces





And then it fastens at the sides and also has a handle so you can carry it about.




Caitlin really loved this set. I thought it was a bit pricey but then again you do get a lot of bits with it. And if you lose any you can buy spare parts direct from which is really handy.

You can also buy this from Amazon, where it is currently on offer for less than half price!


I received the above set to review for being a #PLAYMOBILplayologist. All opinions are mine

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