We was really excited to receive our first playmobil set to review as part of being a Playmobil Playologist. The first set was the Playmobil City Action Fire Engine priced around £45.




The fire engine was really easy to put together by following the instructions. I did get a bit confused at first as the instruction book contains instruction on how to put this model together and also how to put together the remote controller version of the fire engine. And I was reading the wrong ones at first, trust me.

I was really impressed with the little extras like the fire hose and the cones. It also came with a sheet of numbered stickers so you can stick the correct emergency number on your engine depending on which country you live in. Obviously ours is 999.





Here is the great little hose I love, which pulls out, so the fireman can put fires out. Also are the cute cones and axes that they may need.






The ladders extend so the fireman can put fires out of high rise windows.







The roof can come of the cab and up to 4 fire man can be placed inside.

The great thing about this engine is that it also has lights and sounds! There are two option buttons for the sound, which I really like. Just press the button on the right to hear the sound and the button on the left to get the lights flashing to let everyone know your on your way to an emergency.


You can buy this direct from the playmobil site for £44.99. And this set can also be upgraded into a Remote control engine by buying the extra RC module set.


I received this set as part of being a Playmobil Playologist. All opinions are mine

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