I really needed some bedside lamps in my bedroom. We just had the one on my husbands side of the bed, which was annoying as I like to read a bit before I go to sleep but my husband doesn’t like the light on. And not only that but the current lamp we had was really old fashioned. My mother-in-law bought if for us about 10 years ago. It had a gold dirty looking base with a clock that we never used on it and glass panels with horrible patterns around it. The only thing that I did like about it, was that it was a touch lamp, so no fiddling around for the button.

Value Lights let me choose another product to review as part of being a brand ambassador for them. I found the perfect bedside lamps. A set of 2 touch lamps in cream with chrome bases. These are priced at just £24.99 which is a bargain price for a set of 2 lamps.





I am loving my new bedside table lamps. They have 3 different light settings, touch once for dim light, again for brighter and a third time for brightest. Perfect for my bedtime reading. You can also get these lamps in black and red.




I received these lamps to review. All opinions are mine

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  1. Heard a lot a lot of fab reports ABOUT value lights – looking for lots of inspiration for my home – certainly would consider these

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