I get fed up of tidying up my house. It feels like as soon as I have finished I have to start all over again straight away. This is mainly because of my 3 kids, especially the youngest two who are just 5 and 4. They like to bring their toys down stairs to play in the living room, but when they have finished playing they just leave everything all over the place. Even when they do tidy away after themselves , I am forever finding little bits and pieces under the sofa, beside the TV stand, and sometime I don’t see them and I stand on them. There is nothing worse than standing on a bit of lego in bare feet! The pain you won’t believe  that can be caused from these little plastic blocks.

When I tidy my house I start by hoovering the living room, polishing it and tidying away things that need to be put away. Then it’s on to the kitchen. washer on, tumble dryer on, washing pots, wiping sides down, folding clothes, hoovering, than putting the clothes away. But has I walk back through to the living room, it’s a mess again! The kids have got bits and pieces everywhere again, left DS games on the side, charger wires just left in the middle of the floor, Crisp crumbs all on my sofas and going under the cushions. And I haven’t even started doing up stairs!

Through the summer holidays it took me hours to do everything. Often I got fed up and don’t finish. But now the kids are back at school, all 3 of them, it’s much more easier. If I tidy up everyday, it takes me about 1-2 hours depending on what needs to be done, so not too bad.

Karcher are cleaning specialist and have been cleaning historical monuments and buildings for 30 years. They asked me how long it took me to clean my house and also how long I think it would take to clean a monument such has Mount Rushmore. Now I know these are really big, so first off I am glad I don’t have that job, has I hate cleaning and spending just over an hour a day on my house is more than enough. I would have guessed that to clean the whole thing it might have taken about 3 months, depending on how many people where cleaning it. You can find the correct answer to this on the Karcher website.




Karcher have also made a fun quiz where you have to guess where in the world certain monuments that they clean are located. I took the quiz and I was rubbish. I scored 300 points. I bet you could all score more than me. If you would like to try, you can find the quiz here. If you do take the quiz I would love to know what score you got, Just leave a comment below.


Image from Karcher website

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5 comments on “How Long Does It Take You To Clean Your House?”

  1. Oh my God! I’ve only got one three-year-old to clear up after at the moment, and that’s enough chaos for me already. How I’ve managed to avoid treading on the Duplo, I do not understand. And I can’t bear to check whats under the car seat. Aarghh!

  2. Stopped cleaning as much
    Does itlrritate me when bits are left lying around especially if I stand on something

  3. Reading this made me think of a poster I saw, it said “There are three levels of pain. Pain, excruciating pain & stepping on a Lego brick”

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