We are going on holiday at the end of August for a week. We are only going to Butlins at Skegness, but I am really looking forward to it. I used to go to Butlins twice a year when I was younger with my mum, dad and sister. We went one for one weekend in May and another weekend in September. I loved it SO much! So now i’m older with my own family, that’s where we go. We have taken the kids there about 4 times now and they love it! Last time we went was in June 2014, but we wasn’t going to go this year as money is tight. We were just going to wait until next year. But we have managed to save up and can actually afford to go this year!  We got a late deal so it was half price, but has it was late that meant we had to pay the full price straight up. Which lucky we just had enough saved, which was for our holiday next year.




When we save up for a holiday we also cut down on our most biggest expenditure, takeaways! My husband really can’t live without is takeaway curry and he even works at an indian restaurant and get free currys. He is so bad. But just cutting down on the amount of takeaways has saved us loads of money. I really can’t believe how much we was actually spending a week on takeaways! The next thing we cut back on was box office movies. We love having family movie nights but my husband always wanting to order the movies from box office instead of just watching one that was already on sky demand or our on DVD’s. He is so impatient and just can’t wait for the movies to come on sky movies, which is included in our subscription. But paying extra for box office soon mounts up and we have saved loads by not watching these.

Just doing the two things has saved us loads and we put it away in our savings account so we are not tempted to spend it.  And just by doing this we had enough money to go on holiday this year!! The kids don’t know we are going this year, so it will be a big surprise to them when we head off to the train station in the morning. I can’t wait to see the look on their faces, when they realize where we are going.

I am going to really enjoy myself when we go has I know that we won’t be going next year now. Has when we get back we will have to save up to do up the garden and also I am taking my driving lessons and need to save for a new car.


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