I was asked along with 59 other bloggers if I would like to take part in a great blogger competition run by Ocean Finance  to win £150 Toy’s R’ us Vouchers. To be in with a chance of winner all we had to do was build our dream house using Lego! Yes, Lego! Of course I said yes! we love lego. The lovely people running the comp also sent us out a box of lego to get us going. My kids were so excited and couldn’t wait to receive their new lego. We choose a day to build our dream home when I knew I had nothing else to do as we was going to make a fun day of it. And it’s a good job we did has it took us hours to build our house!

Ryan, my eldest came down and helped us for a bit, then he was back upstairs on his playstation. He’s only 10, but acts like a teenager. So my and my other two got building. Caitlin 5 and Aaron 4. Here’s the lovely box of lego we received. We just love the bright colours in this box

lego box


lego everywhere


we haven’t got any big base pieces so we used smaller pieces held together with blocks underneath.


lego building


And here is our finished Dream home


lego dream home 1

lego dream home 17


lego dream home 10


We used the blur pieces has a swimming pool with little steps going down. We made a little forest on the grass with a little grey chicken, along with a little brown gate


lego dream home 7


We made a flower garden and vegetable patch. And we also placed a tape player to play tunes when the lego people have their bbq


lego dream home 25


Here’s a little garden table with parasol to relax on. That yellow pole thing is there solar light. And the pink unicorn is a Lalaloopsy Tinie which is the princesses pet, so Caitlin says.


lego dream home 2


We made a little garage for our car. Aaron decided it needed some nice tiles on the roof to make it look pretty. But we didn’t have enough to do the whole roof. And a little light.


lego dream home 8


We put a security camera on the roof to look out over the garden, to stop any burglars trying to steal things.


lego dream home 11


Next to the forest we made a cute little camp site. With a tent, benches and camp fire.


lego dream home 6


Here’s one guy looking for rare birds with his binoculars


lego dream home 4


Caitlin made this all by herself. It’s a trampoline! I really love it.


lego dream home 5


And Aaron came up with this pond all by himself. And he placed a little chick we had leftover from Easter on it


lego dream home 16


On the house we gave it a roof, but only half did it, so the kids could reach inside without breaking it. And every princess needs a slide!


lego dream home 15


And a princess tower!


lego dream home 14


In the bedroom the princesses is asleep on her bed. With her favourite perfume on her bedside table. Notice that princess Elizabeth has an hand missing, this is because a shark ate it, according to Caitlin and Aaron.


leog dream home 14


Princess Elizabeth has a fire to keep her warm on cold night, and also a safe with all her money in.


lego dream home 13

lego dream home 12


That’s our dream home. What do you think?  I like the vegetable patch the most. Here are Caitlin and Aaron enjoying playing with their completed house


lego dream home 18

lego dream home 21

lego dream home 19

lego dream home 23

lego dream home 24

lego dream home 20

our lego dream home collage


We received a box of lego for taking part in the competition. The dream house is made by Caitlin and Aaron with a little help from me

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2 comments on “Our Lego Dream Home”

  1. That’s some dream house you have there
    Imagine living in that for real
    Lot of skill involved with building
    Well done

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