We were recently sent out this Laser Pegs construction toy to try out. It’s like lego, but some of the parts have lights in them, so when it’s all connected it lights up the coloured blocks.


laser pegs box


It comes with 84 coloured blocks and 20 laser pegs along with a base and a wire to connect them together.


laser pegs bricks


It comes with a very large sheet of detailed instructions to build the indy car shown on the front of the box. I build this with my two youngest, Caitlin, 5 and Aaron, 4. They found some of the pieces quite hard to put together so I did most of the building. The instructions were easy to follow, but would have been better in the diagrams were in colour than black and white. That way the kids could have identified each piece needed more easier and been more involved in helping me build it.

Once it was built we connected it via the wire to the base. (base needs 3 x AA batteries).


laser pegs car built


And with the lights off :

laser pegs light up

laser pegs light up 2


There was lots of oohing and aring from the kids. On the base you have 4 different light options, On, fast, faster and sound. On, the lights just stay on, flash, they flash, faster, they flash faster. But with sound we was expecting to hear some really cool sounds, but nothing happened and we thought it was broke. I read the whole instruction leaflet but didn’t mention anything. But after about 20 minutes I finally worked out what it meant. The lights flash in time to sound! Doh!



After it was built the kids wanted to push it around on the floor, but the wheels don’t go round. It’s more for show. And when they were touching it some of the blocks came apart and they couldn’t put them back together, so I had to do it.

This set is about £30, but there are different sets to buy and prices start from £14.99. You can buy laser pegs from Amazon, Argos, Toys’R’us , Smyths , Asda and more.

Overall score – 3/5


I receive the above set in return for this review. All opinions are mine

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