A few weeks ago I was asked if I would like to try out some of the soups from Glorious! I have heard of them but I have never tried them, so I said yes! I was sent out a few vouchers to go and buy myself some. I checked their website to see where they stocked them and the shops in my town were Co-op and Sainsburys. So off I went down to Co-op, but there was none there. I was a little disappointed, So I tried Sainsbury’s. Fingers crossed. It took me a while to find them, as they wasn’t down the aisle but at the end of one as they was on offer. They should have been around £2.69, but was on offer for just £1.50. There was about 8 different flavours to choose from, some of them contained chicken, but has I am a vegetarian I went for the meat free ones. My husband wasn’t impressed with me when I got home has he said he could have tried out the chicken ones.

I bought 4.

  • New England in Autumn
  • Goa Express
  • Mumbai Madness
  • San Antonio Fiesta


glorious soups


The first one I tried out was The New England in Autumn soup. It’s roasted butternut squash with a hint of cumin. This was really nice and warm. I really liked this one and couldn’t wait to try out the next one


glorious soup in bowl


Next I tried the San Antonio Fiesta. This was like a chilli con carne, with black eyed beans, haricot beans, black turtle beans and red kidney beans. Also has carrot, rice and red pepper in. This was a lot thinner than the first soup I tried. It spicy and tasted really nice, but I would have prefered if this was a bit thicker with more beans in.

The Goa Express consisted of tomatoes and lentils with cumin, chilli and paprika. This was delicious. I different twist on your original tomato soup. I really enjoyed this.

And last but not least was the Mumbai Express, which was in fact my favourite. Lentil, chickpeas, spinach and a hint of ginger. This was yummy! I really liked this one and it was nice and thick. I prefer my soups thick and this one hit the spot. Really filling and satisfying.

The first 3 were from the Skinnylicious range and have less calories in. The 3 I tried had just 150, 103 and 99 calories per a portion!

Obviously the one I like the most had more calories in! You know me. Well it was a meal soup, so more filling, had 342 calories a portion.


glorious soups long


Over all these soups are delicious!!! I will definitely be buying them again. The ones that I will be putting in my shopping basket first is the Mumbai Madness and the New England in Autumn. Yum!

You can find Glorious! on their website and also on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and Google+

Which one will you be trying out first?



I received some vouchers for glorious soups in return for this post. All opinions are mine


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