Neither me or my husband can drive. We are 32 and 30, with 3 kids and have to rely on public transport or my dad. It can be a bit embarrassing having to ask my take to take me somewhere at my age, so I have decided to take my driving lessons again. I say again, as I first started having them when I was 24 but then I had to stop has I got pregnant with my second child, Caitlin, and got really bad morning sickness. I was planning on starting my lessons up again after, but I got pregnant again, and after that I just kept putting them off. So I have finally booked myself in to start in a few weeks time. I am really excited and nervous at the same time.

My biggest problem after I have passed my test, is that I need to get a car. And cars can be very expensive. So I have been looking at my options. My first option is to scrimp and save my own money, save a bit each week. my second option is to ask my dad. Again, at my age it can be a bit embarrassing asking my dad to lend me some money. Or my third option in to get myself a loan, which is properly my best bet. There are few other choices on this car finance guide, like car hire purchase, but I think I’ll be looking for a second-hand car.




All I really want to a nice little run around, that can get me from A to B. And give me a little bit more independence. With 3 kids they are always getting invited to birthday parties, and my youngest two often get invited to Little Monkey’s, which is a soft play center. But it’s a few miles away with no bus route, so when they get invited to their I always have to ask my take to take us. When I finally do get a car I think this is what I am going to be most excited about. Being able to take my kids to birthday parties without having to ask my dad.

So wish me luck for September when I restart my driving lessons!


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  1. Good luck, I’m sure you will be fine. Driving is fantastic and gives you so much independence, I couldn’t imagine being without my car!

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