Bolts and Blip : Battle of the Lunar League DVD Review + Giveaway

Bolts and Blip Battle of the Lunar League


From the makers of The Nut Job comes a brand new adventure that is out of this world!

It is every bots wish to be able to compete in the coveted Lunar League of Robotic Sports! Bolts and Blip are no exception. They are your average everyday robots who dream of playing in the League, but when the pair finally get their wish, they quickly realise they are in over their heads. It’s time to discover what they are really made of as they battle against formidable foes such as the Tread Heads, Blood-Bots, Galaxy All-Stars, and the eccentrically evil Dr. Blood. On this adventure, Bolts and Blip will learn the true value of teamwork, believing in oneself and, above all, the importance of friendship.


What we thought:

Me and my kids really liked this. It took my a while to get into it. But I really liked that it portrayed how important friendship is. Did remind me a bit of the kids film ‘Robots’ has I thought the main characters looked quite similar

Over all I would give this 4/5


  • released on the 27th July
  • rated PG
  • runs for 74 mins


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