All My Secrets by Sophie McKenzie Review

all my secreats by Sophie McKenzie


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About the Book

Book : All My Secrets

Author : Sophie McKenzie

Publisher : Simon and Schuster

Pages : 295

My star rating : 3.5/5

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Blurb from back of book


The shocking truth behind a massive inheritance turns Evie Brown’s world on its head. Devastated by her family’s lies and desperate to discover more about a secret which overshadows her past, Evie ends up at Lightsea – an island institute for troubled teens – where she meets the gorgeous but enigmatic Kit…

Rumour has it that Lightsea is haunted and soon Evie senses a strange presence following her. As she is drawn deeper into the island’s mysteries, Evie realises that it’s not just the past, or the dead, that she has to fear.

Trusting the wrong person could cost her life.


My Review 

15-year-old Evie, learns something about her family that she is finding hard to cope with. And at the same time she also finds out that she is to inherit a massive amount of money. She has so many questions and finding it hard to come to terms with them.

She is sent away for a while to Lightsea, A place for trouble teens to help them with their problems. But soon Evie starts seeing ‘ghosts’ and is certain someone is trying to stop her from finding the truth about her family and might even be trying to kill her.

A found Evie very irritating at first and very impatient. But the more the story went along the more I began to like her. I didn’t fall in love with her character though. Overall the story is well written and perfect for teen girls.


I give it a 3.5/5 stars.



About the Author 

Sophie Mckenzie profile pic

Image from her goodreads page


From her website :

“Here’s a little bit about me… I was born and brought up in London, where I still live because I love it here in spite of the noise and the dirt and the crowds. At school in South-East London my favourite subjects were English and History – but my best memories are of the times when I took part in school plays. I did loads of part-time jobs, working, among other things, as a waitress, a shop assistant and even an usherette in a West End theatre. For a while I thought it would be fun to be an actor, then I realized how totally unsuited in almost every way I was to that career and, once I finished university, I became a journalist instead.

In 2003 I got made redundant from my job which was a pretty unpleasant experience. To cheer myself up I decided to try a few things I’d always thought would be fun but had never found the time to do properly before and, that autumn, I started a year long Writing for Children course at the City Literary Institute in London. I immediately fell in love with writing stories and in October (I remember the exact moment!) I decided that writing stories was what I really wanted to do for the rest of my life. But I needed to earn a living, which meant I had to write stories that other people wanted to read too…

It wasn’t easy to finish a book, let alone get it published. Over the next year-and-a-half I worked hard, getting feedback from other aspiring writers and struggling with almost every aspect of writing fiction. In the end I got there. I finished my first novel, the teen thriller Girl, Missing, at the beginning of 2005 and later that year it was taken on by Simon & Schuster Children’s Books.

Girl, Missing came out in October 2006. Since then I have published many more teen and adult thrillers, as well as two teen romance series – and a whole bunch of other stuff.

For a while I combined writing stories with freelance work as a copyeditor, newsletter editor and creative writing teacher but now I write fiction full time – it’s definitely my favourite job EVER!

In my spare time I like watching football with my son and going out with friends and family for tasty meals and good movies. I don’t like rats, rudeness or shoe shopping and I love dim sum, acts of kindness and great stories.”


Keep up to date with all Sophie McKenzie’s books, news and more at her website Sophie McKenzie Books

You can find Sophie on Goodreads, Facebook and Twitter


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All My Secrets by Sophie McKenzie

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