Win the Baby-Gifting Game with These Nerdy Baby Hamper Gift Ideas

Chances are, everyone attending any given baby shower is going to cover the basics like talcum powder, diaper rash cream, nipple cream, baby body wash, bath thermometer, nappies, and all of that really necessary stuff. In fact, it’s all throw-away (sadly for the environment) so you could always toss these in your baby hamper as gifts in addition to our suggestions –but these were too cool to pass up.

baby cake

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Many of these suggestions are highly functional however may not need to come into practice for a little while. In either case, parents will not only think these gifts are really rad –they’re useful, too.

1. Gyroscopic Bowl

Yes, ladies and gentlemen. Gyroscopes aren’t only amazing as life-size vomit induces for thrill seekers! These small bowls with handles all around them will prevent a good number of spills that are common with regular bowls.

2. Self-Heating Baby Bottle and Warmer

This handy travel tool will save a lot of trouble when out and about. This bottle warmer can keep liquid at the right temperature ALL DAY. How you like them apples?

3. Baby Bean Bag

A touch less shapeless than a regular bean bag, these baby bean bags will keep your baby comfortably in place without the aid of pillows on either side. It’s an instant bed for you little sprout.

4. Diaper Cake

A cake made of diapers. A cake. Made of diapers. It’s sort of a weird juxtaposition if you think about it –but most people don’t. They’re a hit at baby showers everywhere, although for me it just feels like a throwback to “remember the wedding?”

5. Sleep Sack

Sleep sacks are pretty much how they sound; it’s like you’re preparing your child for a potato sack race; except that race is laying down, and instead of trying to run, they’re sleeping. Same same but different. They’re great for safety, a crib should be free of pillows and stuffed animals and anything that can suffocate (like blankets). A sleep sack keeps everything safe and sound.

6. Onesie Roses

Another haute couture baby shower gift that’s popular lately are onesies and wash clothes rolled tight into rose buds and placed on stems for a table centrepiece. The pictures on Pinterest look pretty great.

7. Wearable Baby Carrier

Every mother wants the ability to keep their baby close while remaining hands free; using a wearable baby carrier is not only efficient –it’s intimate and continues to build the bond between mother and child.

8. Nursing Cover

A lot of women are apprehensive about breast feeding in public, or perhaps sometimes it’s just less than ideal. A nursing cover tucked away in baby gift hampers are a great gift, especially if it’s convertible and can be turned into a scarf or a throw.

9. Mommy Gift Basket

Dark chocolate, herbal teas, bath salts, scented lotions, oils, and other assorted sweets are usually accepted with open arms and big smiles. Mama needs some TLC, too ya’ know!

10. Daddy Diaper Bag

Make it easier for dad to take the baby on the road with a male-centric diaper fashion bag. Most diaper bags either look like they fell off the set of the Teletubbies –or they’re geared to looking more like a women’s fashion accessory. When a guy carries around a giant bright bag they might wonder if that’s where he keeps the clown suit to match it.

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