I have lived at my current house for 9 years and our garden is a right state! Seriously! We haven’t done anything to it because we just don’t know where to start and the fact that money is tight. When we first moved in there was an orange plastic netting used as a fence, and over the other side of it was loads of junk. You name it, it was properly there. Has we live in a Housing association house, There was a lot of debate as to who that part of the land belonged to. There was our house and two others around it and everyone kept calling it ‘No Man’s Land’. After a while, about a year or 2, the blueprints were finally brought out and it found that it was actually apart of our garden. So the housing association hired some contractors to remove it. But instead of coming through our garden to get to it, for some reason they decided to go through the neighbor’s way at the bottom of the garden from another street. This meant that to get to the rubbish they had to cut down and burn a massive 7 foot high hedge. After all the work had been done no one replaced the hedge, so we was left with nothing between our garden and the garden of the house below.

We asked the housing association to put a fence between our gardens, but at first they refused and said it was our responsibility. But I said, Why should we replace it when we wasn’t the ones who took it down? It wasn’t safe for my son, Ryan, to play out in the garden, He was only 4 then and we used to get dogs wandering on to our garden from the garden below, some nasty dogs too. They eventually agreed to put a fence up and came out and measured up, said they would be back in a few months when the weather got better. But guess what? They never came back. We rang them up and they came back out and re-measured it and again, said they would be back. But yet again they didn’t come back. This year I just got fed up. I kept finding dog poo in the garden from strange dogs just wondering on. They got sick of me and my husband ringing up and finally put us a fence up.

We have also been on at the housing association to sort the bottom part of our garden out, next to where the fence is. As before we moved in, this house was used has a show home for them when they re-bricked all the houses. But the builders used the bottom of our garden has a dumping ground. Most of the rubbish was moved before we moved in, but over time the ground has sunk in revealing all sorts. So far we have found a whole burnt out mattress, a massive back of a TV set, half a sink, a toilet pipe, a tap, plastic cement bags, house bricks and thousands of pieces of glass and nails. Again for the first few years, they wouldn’t hear of it and said it was all our responsibility. But again, finally this year they got someone to come out and did a bit of it. I say a bit as they just moved the surface stuff and then threw grass seed all over it. My husband had a look and a little dig a week or so later and found all this within 10 minutes:






There were stones, house bricks, plastic cement bags, a big metal sheet, pipes, old carpet, other bits of metal, nails and glass. And this was supposed to be cleared! We have rung them back up and they have asked us to send photos to them, but to be honest, I am just fed up now. It’s been going on since we very first moved in. And I have just had enough. It will be quicker if we just do it ourselves. But we don’t have the money for it yet, and me and my husband are not really good with this sort of stuff. But that what we intend to do, Save up and do it ourselves. Hopefully next June time.

This part of the garden is all overgrown, and will be our hardest part to do as underneath is all the rubbish!


my garden 4


But luckily the rest of our garden is not too bad. It is really big, but on a slope. This is looking from the messy overgrown part:


my garden 6

my garden 5


The part of our garden right outside our back door is the best part. We have  a little bit that is flat that I have my sun lounger on and my white garden chairs that a neighbour gave to me.


my garden 1

my garden 3


By next year I am hoping to have all the area where the rubbish is cleared, and levelled off and put a patio there. I hope to work wonders on as little money has possible. I will properly get my good old dad to do it. Has we can’t afford to have it professionally done.

I have been provided with some lovely garden furniture from #AsdaOutdoors to help me start my transformation. I have received a lovely garden table and chairs, 2 blue chairs and a little table for the kids to get crafty outdoors with. I will be sharing the pics over on my Twitter, Facebook and Instagram pages over the next week, so keep an eye out. And hopefully this time next year I can show you my full garden makeover.

I would love you to share your garden tips in the comments and also share a pic or two of your garden on my twitter or facebook so I can get some inspiration.


I received some garden furniture in return for this post. All opinions are mine

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  1. How’s your transformation going
    Has your dad been helping you out x
    Costly business
    I’ve grown everything from seed this year -saved loads of money x

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