A Dozen Tips for Cake Delivery

A Dozen Tips for Cake Delivery

A list of tips for delivering cake, including transport details and having items ready for cake repair jobs.


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Cakes can be tricky things to deliver. There are more delicate cargoes out there, but not that many that could potentially turn into a sticky mess if you hit a bump at the wrong speed – and ruin somebody’s birthday or wedding in the process! But it doesn’t need to be a stressful operation if you follow a few basic rules and one above all others: Be prepared! Here are a dozen tips to help get the cake there in shape and on time.

  1. Stay in touch. For big parties, organisers are dealing with a lot more than a cake and last-minute changes of plan can occur without you knowing, so it is a smart move to make sure the delivery time, date, and place is settled early and stays that way.

  2. Aim to get there early. Now that you’ve got your delivery times nailed down, it’s a good plan to target an earlier arrival time – that’ll give you plenty of time to set up, should your cake need to be assembled, and to deal with delays on the way.

  3. Check your car. Many a big day has been ended up cake-less because a cake delivery person has been out of gas, so be sure your vehicle’s good to go!

  4. Know where you’re going. Birthday cake delivery Sydney wide and in other big cities can be a time-consuming business, and a lot more so when you’re traveling at the wrong time of day, so make sure you know your route before you set out.

  5. Have your moving gear ready. The last thing you want is for the cake to be sliding around and messing up the frosting, so get prepared to move your creation properly – experts say using non-slip matting to place the box on is a big help.

  6. Make sure your cake is sturdy. An unstable cake can be a cake that doesn’t get there in one piece, so think about its structure and whether it should be assembled before or after it begins its journey.

  7. Have a repair kit. If there are any little mishaps along the way, it’s easy to do a quick repair job that will make the cake look as good as when you set out: Pros recommend taking items including corn starch, sugar clue, shortening, and clear alcohol to wipe away areas where icing may have run.

  8. Factor in challenges. Are you going to have to drive up a steep hill? Are there melting times to be considered?

  9. Have a clean-up kit. If you’re going to be serving cake, you’ll want to be pretty clean, and it’s always a good idea to have a clean apron handy.

  10. Remember to drive carefully. It’s never a bad idea to drive safely, and you’ll want to take extra care with a cake in the back – keep it in mind when you’re going round corners or are tempted to speed up! Some people swear that having a “Cake on Board” sticker really does make a difference to other drivers sometimes.

  11. Think of anything else you need. Labels may be required in some places, and it is always a good idea to have a camera handy.

  12. Relax! If you’ve done your homework, everything else should be easy as pie.


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