3 Situations that Prove Photo Booths are Brilliant for Every Event

Planning events? You might want to look at using a photo booth. Here are a few situations (parties, weddings and corporate events) where I have found them to be of spectacular use.


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Planning events can be fun or a pain in the neck, and the same can be said for attending them. I’ve been getting tired of my office’s annual events, which, as the years have gone on, have become bi-annual, then tri-annual, and now they’re just about monthly. I suspect they’ll become fortnightly soon, until one day, work will just be one team building and ceremonial eventafter the next.

Despite this, the problem for me isn’t attending them, it’s that I keep getting put in charge of them. I discovered a neat little secret a few years ago which made the whole thing much easier in two words: photo booths.

Yes really! They’re not nearly as cheesy as you’d expect, and they’re also not just meant for the 70’s and I.D photos. They’re hits at events, in fact. Your obliging guests enjoy them, and as a planner, they cover quite a few of your bases. Having said that, here are few good scenarios that explain why I think photo booths should be an absolute necessity at any event.

  1. Partying with a photo booth.

It doesn’t matter whose party it is – a 4 year old’s or a 90 year old’s – if you’re planning it, and it’s big enough, you’ll want to keep memories, right? You could tell me that there are phones and tablets for that these days, yes; I also enjoy my guests experiencing my hard work and planning via little pieces of interactive glass, but I’d rather give them a reason not to.

Photo booths are a nice crowd pleaser. I wager that using them at parties helps keep people’s phones in their bags and pockets. You can also make some pretty impressive souvenirs of the party with them.You can make keyrings, postcards, stickers, tags, badges, magnets, all sorts of things (depending on who is hiring out the photo booths).They are also a great way to bring your guests together. People can get scattered at big enough parties and photo booths give them a good way to bond; it’s kind of like a big selfie-station that also does video, which is great fun once the alcohol starts flowing.

It’s also nice that they allow you to have less camera operators for your sozzled guests to trip over. Often at parties, the lighting is quite dim and photos come out too dark or overexposed from flashes. By the end of the night everyone’s eyes are ruined by flash photography, and most of the photos are bad anyway. When I was looking for photo booths for hire in Sydney, just about all of them came with built in professional grade lighting, which solved that problem for me.

  1. Getting married with a photo booth.

It’s easy to see how a photo booth would work well at parties, but how well do they work at formal occasions? Fantastically. Everybody present will likely want to be photographed with the people being honoured, and a photo booth makes that so much easier. Aside from that, they are perfect for events like these because they complement the formal ceremonies by tastefully letting people well-wish without the photo booth taking over the scene; then when the party starts the photo booth keeps partying with it. It’s almost like having a guest who is actually a photo booth, but even better because it doesn’t eat and drink and it takes awesome pictures. I remember there was a photo booth with some props around it at my brother’s wedding venue. It was a hit with everyone who came in, and it was interesting to see how the use of the props got more creative as the event went on into the early morning.

  1. Playing business with a photo booth.

Okay so there will be no imaginative use of props at a corporate function, maybe, but let’s not be silly and say that that’s the only reason you should hire one. You might however be interested in the use of social media at your event (yes, social-media coverage of your event is important for your brand), what about green screening, gifs, custom branded printouts, or why the heck not, a custom branded photo booth to boot.

Photo booths are like magic at corporate events and everybody ends up using them. When you add that to the photo booth’s link to sites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, you get your company’s brand out there in a big way by hiring them.

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