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mouse's tail dvd


Starring the vocal talents of Carey Elwes (The Princess Bride), Jon Heder (Napoleon Dynamite) and Tom Arnold, A MOUSE’S TALE is a magical animation little pests will love!

In order to save their kingdom from evil rodents, Samantha and Sebastian are sent on a quest by the King of Rodencia and the wise Wizard Dalliwog to obtain a legendary magic crystal that has the power to defeat the rodents. With the help of two trustworthy knights, they venture deep into the forest and enter a forbidden world of giants in order to accomplish their mission and restore order to the kingdom.

Released on May 2th and runs for 87 minutes

I watched this with my two youngest. Caitlin, 5 and Aaron, 4. They absolutely loved it! There was a part i it when a nasty cat catched the mouse’s into a log and was trying to get at them to eat them. They found this part really exciting and was on the edges of their seats watching it.

I would rate this movie 4/5 – definitely one that they can watch over and over again


phoca_thumb_l_rodencia et la dent de la pincesse - brie y edam


I also have one copy to giveaway. You know what to do, just enter via the gleam widget below – Good Luck



A Mouse’s Tale DVD

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I received a copy of this DVD in return for this post. All opinions are mine

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