Mobile Phone Spy Software Saved My Clothing Business

Few months back, I decided to put my clothing business online. My set-up was small and budgets were limited. Orders were placed through the website which were then delivered to the customers by my delivery guys. I couldn’t charge my customers with the delivery as the business was only recently introduced online. I had to face some serious competition. Initially, it went well. I enjoyed some extra profits but then everything went upside down for me. Transportation expenses started to rise. My employees would take longer time for deliveries. I knew something was fishy. Were they always going directly to the assigned place? Are they using the most efficient route? I started searching for any mobile phone spying software that can use the employees’ phone for tracking purposes.



XNSPY—Inexpensive Way To Cell Phone Tracking

I needed some solution that was not expensive and can utilize the existing resources. There were a few other solutions but a small scale business entrepreneur like me cannot afford such devices.

The internet was flooded with apps that claim to spy. My skepticism was surging because I wasn’t able to find, apparently, any dedicated apps that can serve my purpose. I went through the websites of different surveillance app developers. And then, I came across this app—XNSPY for smartphones and tablets.

I visited their website. The interface was beautiful and simplistic. I was able to get a demo of the product there. I was exhilarated at one of their features that was exactly what I needed. It said ‘track GPS location’. With the app installed on your employees’ phone, you can track their current location in real-time. Location history can also be accessed which starts to upload on XNSPY’s database as soon as the app is installed and connected to the internet. I can also monitor specific location of the employees and can mark places as red zones like pubs, discos and bars.

Other Features

The app is intricate with so many specs. I cannot only keep logs of my employees’ routes, the app offers other features like accessing calls and SMS, IM chats from WhatsApp and Viber and details of skype calls. If you have kids at home, Geo-fencing is your thing. Just like I marked discos and clubs as NO-GO zones, you can also set a parameter on your child’s location. There will an instant notification whenever they breaches the curfew zone.

My Recommendation

XNSPY mobile phone spy software should be every employer’s purchase. It offers you premium features at such a reasonable price. It is user friendly and runs smoothly unlike other apps in the market. I will definitely get my annual subscription renewed.

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