I am now a brand ambassador for Yellow Moon, which I’m so excited about! I love doing crafts with the kids and Yellow moon have a large range of great products.  I was sent out a craft bundle for us to try out.

yellow moon goodies


We received :


yellow moon scratch decs 2


We started with the Scratch decorations. There are 10 in a pack, and 2 of each pattern. The kids loved doing this, but they didn’t really want to make  pattern. They just wanted to scratch all the black of to see all the different colours underneath. I also loved doing these, and found it very relaxing. Will be buying some more of these for when I feel stressed as they are brilliant to help you chill out.


yellow moon scratch patterns


Then it was on to the trainer coin banks. You are supposed to use porcelain pens or paint, but we didn’t have them, so we just used normal felt tips pens. Which when drawn on changed to pastel colours, which I thought actually looked really pretty.


yellow moon coin banks

yellow moon money boxes

yellow moon finished shoe money box


Caitlin decided to stick one of the seaside foam stickers on the front of hers and Aaron added a red gem and also added a bit of glitter.


yellow moon gnome windchimes


Again with the wooden gnomes, with didn’t have any paint for them, so we just used normal felt tip pens. We really enjoyed doing this. I sprayed them with some waterproof varnish after we finished so we can hang them outside in the garden


yellow moon gnome windchimes (2)


yellow moon fish boxes


I thought these fish shaped boxes were really cute! I painted one in some paint that I managed to find at the bottom of my craft box. Stuck a googly eye and then stuck on some blue sequins.


yellow moon sequin fish box


Caitlin and Aaron decorated the notebooks with the seaside foam shapes, glitter and some cute ladybirds to make their very own summer diaries.


yellow moon summer diary's nootbooks


And last but not least we did the sealife sewing decorations. Even though they have the holes already made to sew, Caitlin and Aaron found this a bit difficult and gave up on the, So I finished them off. I think children of there ages, (5 & 4) would be able to do them, it’s just my kids have no patience.


yellow moon sewing fish


We never did the suncatcher decorations, as you need to use glass paint or pens, which we haven’t got. So I will have to buy some of these soon.


Overall we had so much fun making these Yellow Moon crafts and I can’t wait till I receive some more fun stuff from them. In Fact, I really don’t think I can wait and think I’ll be buying  some stuff from them soon.

Have you ever bought anything from Yellow Moon? What are your favourite craft activities to do with the kids?


yellow moon kids crafts collage


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I received the Yellow Moon crafts for being a brand ambassador. All opinions are mine


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