If you are parenting 21st-century teens then you should be aware of two terms: the ADHD and SCT. The ‘Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder’ and the ‘Sluggish Cognitive Tempo Disorder’ both are so common among teens and the reason is quite obvious: too much information, distracted routines, extensive screen times and their virtual world continuously interfering with their real life. If your teens are getting easily distracted or forgetful then quickly pay attention, for it can defiantly harm their cognition. Smart parental controls can help parents in getting the teens out of such disorders, so read on these easy tips!

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ADHD & SCT: What’re the symptoms?

For parents it’s not hard to identify that there is something wrong with the teens. But our busy routines can make us less attentive to teens’ strange attitude. So if you want to figure out if there is any attention deficit or sluggish cognition problems in your teens, then you can monitor for the following common symptoms.

  • Lack of attention to the details
  • Difficulty in following the instructions
  • Finding difficulty in gelling in real life social events
  • Forgetting the tasks assigned and mismanagement
  • Trouble in focusing on work and difficulty in organizing the tasks
  • No response even when spoken indirectly
  • Over whelmed and absorbed in virtual world

These symptoms can let you easily diagnose if your teens is suffering from ADHD or SCT. These disorders can harm the teens in the long run and can make them socially awkward too. It needs quick and close supervision and rectification before it leaves a lasting impact on their cognition and growth.

4 ways to let them focus better

You can use different activities and exercises to help them focus better and overcome their attention deficit. And yes, the parental controls can play a significant role in assisting you in this; let’s have a look at the most useful 4 ways:

Mental exercises

To improve their attention, you can engage them in concentrating activities and the best approach is to present the activities as gaming and fun tasks. The crossword puzzles, helping them focus; work on their memory, all can help them improve.

teens mental exercise

Reduce screen times

The extensive screen hours is the biggest cause of attention deficit so you should give your best in reducing their screen times. Well, it’s quite easy with the parental apps like FamilyTime.

FamilyTime Dashboard

FamilyTime can let you lock the phone screens any time; this can surely help them to overcome their screen-addictions. It’s easily available as you can download it from iTunes and Google Play any time.

amazongoogle play

Positive self-talk

It’s a very effective therapy for the teens suffering from attention deficit. It’s basically teaching the child how to focus on positivity and improve the self-confidence and motivation.

Control social media exposure

24/7 social interaction can make them overwhelmed and distracted from the real life relationships and communication. This can leave them awkward in real life social settings, so you can reduce the social media usage with the FamilyTime app blocker. With advanced apps like FamilyTime, you can block Facebook, Twitter and other addictive apps for some hours or during bed time.

Help teens focus and prosper!

We can’t stand by and watch our teens falling behind their peers academically and socially. To fight back ADHD & SCT, teens need our help and support. Gradually strengthening their focus and attention is easier with parental controls like FamilyTime. Not only teach them to overcome these problems, in fact actively stop the abuse of tech which is the biggest cause of their distracted behavior. Keep the teens attentive and let them concentrate better!

This post was written by Tim Gross

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