10 Ways to Organise Your Wardrobe

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  1. Empty it

First thing’s first, take everything out of your closet. Drape it somewhere for the time being, or dump it all in a big pile. Whatever you do, don’t attempt to tackle this task without completely clearing out the closet space you’re going to organise. Similarly, don’t bother thinking that this is a task that will take half an hour, you’re going to need at least a couple of hours, but trust me, it’s well worth it!

  1. Clean out

Once your closet is clear, now’s the time to give it a good dust. Attack the furthermost corners with a hoover whilst you can get to them easily, and you might even want to place a few cedar balls in there for good measure against moths.

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  1. Pile it up

Sort your clothes into piles of keep, bin or donate. This will free up space, and give you an excuse to go shopping to update what you tossed. Haven’t worn it in a year? It’s likely that you won’t ever again. Unless it’s a treasured item (such as an old wedding dress or cherished relative’s hand me downs) then bin it.

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  1. Will you wear that?

A good way to keep track of what you wear regularly or not is to hang all your clothes back in the wardrobe with the hangers hooked backwards (towards you). Then, when you wear something, put it back in the closet with the hanger facing the right way around. In a year, if the hanger is still facing the wrong way around you will know you can toss it without missing it too much.

  1. Hangers

Invest in good quality hangers. This makes things easier to find, as all your garments will be hanging at the same level and so you can see them more clearly. It also looks neater, and good quality hangers will save you money in the long run, as you won’t have to replace those flimsy plastic ones that snap with the weight of a single winter coat. Throw away any cracked plastic hangers, and definitely toss dry cleaner hangers that make dents in shoulders and bend easily.

  1. Repurpose

If you want to find a use for these wire hangers, you could always take to them with a pair of pliers and make these nifty shoe hangers.


  1. Group together

Group alike garments together. Hang similar length skirts together, tops together, coats together and dresses together, etc. Or, alternatively, group according to occasion or uses. Keep more formal outfits separate from your jeans and work wear separate to gym clothes.

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  1. Where to store

Store your most used items on eye level for easy access, items you use less on the bottom of your closet and least-used up top.

Know what to put in a drawer and what to hang, depending on your storage facilities. If you can, fold jumpers and wool garments to prevent pulling them out of shape on hangers. Although, for everything else, if you have the space to hang in your closet, it then hang it. This allows you to see more of your clothes making you more likely to actually wear them.

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  1. Invest in storage

Get door hangers for coats or as an easy way to store accessories that are cluttering up your wardrobe and making it hard to manoeuvre through. Or you could even add hooks to the inside of your wardrobe doors for ties, scarves or other small slim line garments. Hanging boot and bag racks are also a great way to store your accessories. The clear plastic compartments will allow you to see your items, meaning you’re more likely to wear them.

  1. Use your space

Use vertical wardrobe areas above and below your clothes rail. Get a stool so that you can reach the higher shelves, although you should store your least-used items up there anyway (see 8).

Don’t be afraid to install shelves on bare walls, or add tall drawers in a smaller space to maximise storage capabilities and make use of the space above furniture.

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