Udis Gluten Free launched here in the UK back in October 2013 and have since then gone on to sell loads of their lovely products. I was recently sent out a hamper with some of their items to try out. Which was perfect timing as we are currently having some health issues with my 10 year old son , Ryan. He keeps getting belly ache and sometimes feeling sick after eating. We are currently keeping a food diary to try and pin point the cause. At the moment we thing it maybe down to gluten. So I really wanted Ryan to try these products out with me, so we made some scones with the gluten free flour and some sandwiches with the bread and had a little picnic in the back garden.


udi's goodies


I gave the kids cheese sandwiches on the plain white bread, but I was a little disappointed when all 3 of the said that they didn’t like it. I tried the seeded bread, which I thought was really nice. The lemon wafers where delicious and me and Aaron ate all them, as the other two don’t like lemon.


udi's picnic 2

The scones were lovely, but when making them they didn’t want to brown so I left them in a bit longer. I think I may have left them in a bit too long as when they started to cool down, they also started to go hard very quickly. So we ate them quite fast with some delicious raspberry jam on top.


udi's picnic


My scones using the Udis Gluten free flour. You can find my recipe homemade scones here


udi's scones

Overall, I thought these were a great alternative to normal products that contain gluten. But I’m a little disappointed that Ryan was over keen. I’m just hoping that he hasn’t got an intolerance to gluten because if if he has it looks like I’m going to have a few problems getting him to eat gluten free products.

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We were sent the udis goodies in return for the post. All opinions are mine



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  1. I tend to find gluten free products quite dry, there are some great gluten free recipes online that are more moist and tasty than the products you can buy! I do buy Udis from time to time.

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