Hello Hungry – The Meal for People on the Go

Hello Hungry are the new liquid meal for busy people on the go. Aimed a people who work all day in offices or those that don’t have the time to sit down an eat a healthy lunch.


hello hungry box open

hello hungry box


Hello Hungry comes in 3 flavours.

  • Mango, Spinach & Peach
  • Strawberry, Banana, Carrot & Beetroot
  • Tomato & Basil

Each one also contains buckwheat to keep you feeling full. These are vegan friendly, no GMO, lactose free, gluten-free, low-fat and with no added sugar


hello hungry drinks in box


These sound perfect for someone always on the go, looking for a healthy meal that only takes seconds to drink. But what do they taste like?

I tried the one I thought I would like the least. The mango, spinach and peach one. It was a horrible looking green colour and smelt like it looked. I only managed two small sips of these, as it was disgusting. I also got my husband and eldest son to try some to. They thought it was horrible as much as I did. Next was the tomato and basil. It tasted like drinking cold tomato soup. Which is ok if you like that, but I wasn’t too keen. The last one the strawberry one, I thought I would like this the most as I have a bit of a sweet tooth. It was a lot sweeter than the other two but not sweet like a strawberry drink, if you know what I mean. I could drink this as it was disgusting like the first one, but I still wasn’t over keen.


hello hungry in box 2


Overall, I was disappointed. I wouldn’t buy these myself. I really like the idea of these though, just a shame that they don’t taste that nice. You might like them if you prefer savoury things and not sweet things like I do.

You can find Hello Hungry campaign on indiegogo and also on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram


I received the above Hello Hungry drinks in return for this post. All opinions are mine

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