I have always loved candles but never owned a Yankee Candle, as they are quite expensive and I couldn’t justify spending that amount of money on a candle. So when I was asked if I would like to review one, I was so excited.

I was offered a medium sized yankee jar candle in lavender. This has a RRP of £16.99.

As soon as I removed the lid it had a strong smell of lavender. I love lavender and I use it often to help me relax and sleep. I first tried this candle out one Friday evening. I was feeling very stress as the kids had been acting up and wouldn’t do as they were told. So as soon as I put them to bed, I put a film on and lit my candle. Within just a few minutes the scent was drifting around the room. It was a lovely smell and quite strong but not overpowering. It also worked a treat, within half an hour I was feeling much more relaxed.

yankee candle 1

I left the candle on for about 3-4 hours, before going to bed. When I came down stairs the next morning and walked into my living room, I was met by a lovely smell of lavender that still filled the room.

I have my yankee candle on quite a lot and I just love it. Before I was a bit hesitant to buy one because of the price, but in my opinion now after trying one out, they are definitely worth it. The medium candles give around 65-90 hours burn time. which is fantastic. I am now looking to buy some more. I really like the sound of the new fragrance of  Cappuccino Truffle.

yankee candle 2

yankee candle 3


You can find all the range of candles at www.yankeecandles.co.uk prices starting from just £1.49

And you can also find them on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest


And I also have a little giveaway for you. One lucky winner will win a Large Yankee candle in Lavender worth £19.99. Just enter via the gleam widget below.

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Yankee Candle in Lavender

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I received a medium Yankee Candle in return for this post. All opinions are mine

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393 comments on “Yankee Candle in Lavender Review and Giveaway”

  1. i love Yankee Candles, i like to try the tarts first to get a good old whiff. Im currenly burning Bunny Cake, which my hubby bought me as a poorly present as i had been under the weather (a lot of moaning from me that i NEEDED a big jar) My fave has to be the Merry Berry. up until now that is. theres so many i am waiting to try. I havent yet tried the Lavender xx

  2. I’m a bit of a Yankee Candle addict (though finances often constrain my habit!). I adore the Salted Caramel one.

  3. I love yankee candles but only own one, which is the Christmas cookie one, so this one is my favourite. Thanks for the lovely giveaway x

  4. My favourite is vanilla but my hubby find it too sickly so ‘our’ favourite is Fluffy Towels, such a fresh and homely fragrance 🙂

  5. I actually “collect” them and treat myself to a new one every pay day! I’ve got lots of favourites but Wedding Day brings back special memories.

  6. My favourite is definitely Dune Grass although I think they are discontinuing it (or possibly already have) 🙁
    Would love to have a new favourite … possibly Lavender (hint hint)

  7. Sadly I don’t own any yankee candles because like you I couldn’t justify spending that much when we have 3 children. I would however love to have the opportunity to and thanks to your great competition I may have a chance!

  8. I have never owned one, but looking through the answers on your blog, I hadn’t realized they do some unusual & amazing smells.

  9. I dont have one at the moment but I have had a vanilla one and a really strongly scented one at Christmas that I loved but I cant remember what it was called

  10. My favourite is Toasted Marshmallow (although I do have a Summery strawberry one at the moment which is more in season!)

  11. I just love candles i use them to help me relax and for the lovely scents, but unfortunately i havent ever had a Yankee Candle but would love to give one a try

  12. I have more Yankee candles than anyone should have! But I love them so much, so it’s completely fine 😉 My favourite is Christmas Cookie.

  13. Yes I have a few plus I have a wax tart burner which I like as you can change scent often cheaply plus there is no smoke like the candles can have. My absolute favourite Yankee fragrance is Cherry Vanilla. The reed diffusers are amazing too.

  14. I must be one of the few people who’ve never had a Yankee candle. I’m sure I’d like their Clean Cotton fragrance as well as all their florals.

  15. I’ve heard of Yankee candles but never tried them and I also didn’t know they lasted for so long; I might have to check them out to see what other fragrances there are as the smell of lavender makes me feel sick 🙁 #My FavouritePost

  16. i love yankee candles i very lucky and have been to a few stores in the states and their flagship store i love eggnog and gingerbread

  17. We have only ever had a couple of Yankee Candles, they’re normally a bit out of our price range, but it would be lovely to have a little treat!

  18. I was given my very first yankee candle at christmas. It was called holiday magic and it was gorgeous.

  19. My favourite is lavender (everything, not just candles) but I only have a sampler in this scent. My favourite jar I own is Christmas Garland but it’s not really a sunny fragrance so I need a new one! 😉

  20. I’ve just finished a large Christmas one. It was a mixture of gingerbread, peppermint and icing it was lush.

  21. I love these candles and have starting collecting instead of burning them now, but I do use the wax tarts. I think my all time favourite is the now retired Pomegranate Cider, followed by Summer Scoop, which is lush. They are worth every penny, in my opinion x

  22. I currently have clean cotton candy which I love as it smells so fresh. Had a lovely pink one in my bedroom for ages but I can’t recall the name

  23. I love the clean cotton one, but i had one last winter time and it was a gorgeous berry scented one im sure it was red. it was wonderful 🙂

  24. I had few candles and loved them all but I am a massive fan of tarts – collecting scents being a bit OCD – so printed a list of all scents and ticking them off 🙂 pink sands is amazing

  25. I, like you could never justify spending that amount of money on the Yankee candles but when I got some vouchers for John Lewis I decided to treat myself and I was blown away with how gorgeous they smell. Unlike the cheaper ones, they really do smell like they are supposed to. If I had to choose one scent to call my favourite it would have to be Fresh Cut Roses. It really takes me back to a child playing in my grandmothers back garden as she used to grow roses.

  26. I have never had a jar just the little ones because of the price, but both myself and daughter love them and will spend hours going around the shops sniffing them all!! My favourite at the moment s black coconut but would love to try the new range…they are not in our shop as yet!

  27. I love lavender. It is so soothing, reminds me of summer all round (you can almost hear the bees buzzing round the blossom) and is one fragrance not objected to by the male of the species!

  28. I adore Yankee candles and love the clean cotton or baby powder or fresh cut roses haven’t tried the lavender but would love too

  29. I don’t own one at the minute but I usually treat myself to a christmas scent yankee candle when it comes to the winter time. Thank you for the opportunity to win. Many Thanks.

  30. I don’t have one at the minute but I’ve had the clean cotton ones in the past and they smell lovely!

  31. I had a Garden Sweet Pea Medium jar but it ran out a couple of months ago and I’ve had the Christmas mini jars too. I love the Baby Powder scent and also the Beach Holiday!

  32. My favourite Yankee Candle at the moment is Pink Sands but it does vary depending on the time of the year and my mood.

  33. We were lucky enough to be given some Yankee Candles as a wedding gift – the vanilla one was my favourite from the selection we were given!

  34. Yankee are the best & I’ve tried a lot! I have left over jars all over the place. My favourite are the pillar jars as they pool/burn better, vanilla lime is my fav as it reminds me of last summer. Although the lavender comes a close second as I love having one of these next to my bed.

  35. I don’t buy Yankee candles but I buy the wax tarts for my oil burner all the time, I love them, they smell lovely.

  36. Like many I don’t own one, as these are out of my price range but I know they are good quality for the price they are and I hope I win this one it experience it.

  37. I have loads! I love the foodie scents the most, and my all time favourite is Chocolate Easter Bunnies!

  38. Haven’t had the pleasure of owning a Yankee candle before, the lavender sounds fab as one of my favourite scents!

  39. I do not own any Yankee candles but do love the scent of the coconut one and the cinnamon one, If I won this one however I would give it to my mum who is currently having to rest up with a broken ankle. x

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