Moving from a crib to a fully sized bed is a big moment in any parent’s life. It signifies a moment when your child stops being a baby and turns into a fully-fledged infant, when they get their own space to develop their own personality and make choices about their interests and style. Unfortunately though, choosing when and knowing exactly how to move your child into their first proper bed can be pretty difficult to work out for even parents of multiple children, so here are some tips to make the whole process a little easier!




Most experts agree that a child should get their own bed between the ages of 2 and 3 and a half, but despite this being a good guideline to stick by, you’re best moving your child when they themselves as for it. Don’t rush the transition. Your child will have become very attached to their crib, and employing talk regarding how grown up your child now is will only make them feel more insecure and pressured. Talk about the benefits of moving beds and wait for your child to come to their own conclusions.

What Sort of Bed?

A decent sized single bed should definitely be large enough for your child, but you should involve them in the bed buying process to make them feel more included, safe and secure in the entire process. This could mean surfing through designs at an online site such as Bedstar, or alternatively going to furniture stores and the like. Beds are, as a rule, far cheaper if bought over the internet though, which could be an important consideration to bear in mind.


Once you’ve acquired your child’s new bed, try and place it in the same place as their crib once stood if they already have their own room at this point. This will show consistency, something young children find very comforting and encouraging. Next, think about whether or not you’ll need to install guard rails on either side of the bed – this might require a little trial and error, unfortunately – and definitely think about installing nightlights and the like in order to calm your child during the first few weeks. A great idea to ease your child in to their new surroundings is to put blankets and toys they had in their crib in the bed as these will comfort your child. Finally, keep your bedtime routine exactly the same (consistency is the name of the game, if you hadn’t already noticed!)

Do you have any particular tips or tricks from your own crib-to-bed experiences? Let us know below!

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