Splash is the new product from Revive a Phone and also seen on Dragon’s Den. The spray makes your phone water resistant and it’s 1000 time thinner then a human hair.


spalsh 4


It is really easy to apply just spray the back of your phone and around the sided covering all the holes. Leave to dry for 5 minutes then use the plastic fob to scrap off the residue then give a wipe with the cleaning cloth. Don’t spray the product directly onto the screen of your phone. Spray the solution onto the cloth, then rub onto the screen in circular motion. leave to dry and then use the fob again to remove any residue. It takes less than 10 minutes!


splash 2


I was scared of using this product at first in case it damaged my phone. I thought it was strange to spray this in the holes on my phone, but my phone is fine. After you have finished there is no marks or anything on the phone. It looks exactly the same as it did before. But I am not about to test the water resistant of it, just in case.  Each applicant is supposed to last around 12 months, so you wont need to reapply until a years time

splash 3

The Splash spray is priced at £17.99

You can also win some by entering the giveaway below

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I received the Splash spray in return for this post. All opinions are mine

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