You have all heard of the yummy kids meals and snacks called Ella’s Kitchen, right? Well, Ella’s dad has also just launched a new kids toiletries range, named after his son, Paddy’s Bathroom. We was sent out the whole range to try out. this includes:


Foamy Stuff – in rosy apples

Squirty Stuff – in mango

Squirty Stuff – in pineapple

Stuff for hands – in lemon

Stuff for shiny hair – in lemon

Bubbly stuff – in tangerines


we also received them in a lovely trunki paddlepak, which I love!!! great for taking swimming with you.

paddy's bathroom 2


paddy's bathroom 1


So when it was bath time we filled the bath with water and poured some of the bubble bath under the tap. The smell of tangerines was instant and really gorgeous!! The product also made lot’s of bubbles.

paddys bathroom 1

Then we tried out the squirty stuff which is foaming hair and body wash. The flavours were mango and pineapple, we liked the smell of both of these, but found that it wasn’t really foamy like it said on the bottle more just like a normal shower gel or wash. The foamy stuff was apples and smelt lovely, and this one foamed really well.


In the photo below is the squirty stuff on the left and the foamy stuff on the right. The kids preferred the foamy stuff

paddys bathroom 5


next it was on to the shampoo in lemon. This lathered up really well and left their hair nice and soft. I wasn’t a fan of the smell as it reminding me of cleaning products, like cif. But the next day their hair smelt fresh and clean and not so much of the lemons.

paddy bathroom 3

paddys bathroom 4

The hand  wash was really foamy too, which was good, but this one also smelt of lemons which put me off a bit.

What’s in my bath?

NO Parabens
NO Phthalates
NO Sulphates
NO GMO Ingredients

these are made with 100% natural fragrance and are suitable for sensitive skin

Price – These have a RRP of £4.49 for all the products except the bubble bath which is £5.99 and are available from selected Tesco store


I love the packaging, nice and bright

Suitable for sensitive skin and vegans

Really nice smells

Bubbles really foam up


The only bad thing I can say about them is that I don’t like the lemon smell.


Overall I really like these Paddy’s Bathroom products. The packaging is so fun with lot’s of info on the back. And also some of the money sold goes towards a good cause, which is always a bonus. I will be buying the bubble bath and the foamy body wash again definitely.


You can find more about Paddy’s Bathroom on their website. And also find them on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube

Family Fever


I received the above products in return for this review. All opinions are mine 


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  1. Sounds great but I am definitely with you on some lemon smelling products, but I like the sound of the mango and tangerine. I think I will also look out for offers too because it does seem quite expensive. Ty for the info x x

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