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We love Lottie in our house, she such a good role model for girls and much better than other dolls. Muddy Puddles Lottie is our 3rd Lottie doll. Β We also have Spring Ballerina and School Days Lottie .

The new Muddy Puddle Lottie has blond hair and comes with a beautiful outfit containing :

  • A lovely yellow hooded rain coat that has a striped lining
  • Cute rainbow top
  • Blue and white strip leggings
  • Cord shorts with 2 cute pink buttons
  • Yellow rain boots





there is currently a competition on the Lottie website. They are asking kids under 10 to design their very own rainboots. The winning entry will win a selection of Lottie dolls and accessories.


Go here to download your rain boots template

Then go here to upload your design and enter the competition

Competiton for the rain boots design closes on the 7th May






I also have one Muddy Puddle Lottie doll to giveaway to one lucky reader. Just enter via the gleam widget below

UK Only

Muddy Puddles Lottie Doll

Competitions at ThePrizeFinder

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The Giggles Family

I received the muddy puddles lottie doll in return for this post. All opinions are mine

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86 comments on “Muddy Puddles Lottie Doll + Giveaway”

  1. No, we don’t have a Lottie Doll but my girls would love one! I love the colours she is wearing – blue and yellow look lovely together! She reminds me of April showers – when it rain but it is sunny and the sky is blue x

  2. My little girl doesn’t have a Lottie doll at the moment but I think they are great and a refreshing change from sparkly clothes that are a little too short that you normally see on dolls… this keeps it real and looks like a normal little girl.

  3. yeah my little girl love Lottie Dollsshe has the Lottie Pandora’s Box doll, I actually never knw of these till i seen a bloggers review they are right up my little girl street, she is not overly girly so these are a nice inbetween fo her they are fab and they wear proper realistic clothes too so my wee one loves to try and dress the same lol

  4. we don’t have lottie dolls if i won id give this to my niece i think these dolls are different and cute fab giveaway x

  5. I don’t – I think she looks great tho – love how they have nice clothes – my daughter would love them!

  6. Lottie Dolls are so well made, a perfect size and so realistic. I love how Lottie is dressed up for a day jumping in and out of puddles πŸ™‚

  7. No we haven’t got a Lottie doll yet. I like Muddy Puddles Lottie because she reminds me of the whoops my granddaughter gives out when she is dressed for jumping in puddles.

  8. No my daughter doesn’t have a Lottie doll yet. The Muddy Puddles Doll is great, love the outfit, something a little girl would actually wear. This is the same though for all the Lottie Dolls I have seen. They are pretty dolls wearing ‘normal’ little girls clothing, unlike the barbies and bratz I see everywhere. Lottie is a good role model for girls πŸ™‚

  9. we have just became aware of lottie dolls my daughter and i and we love them, they are on her birthday list she doesnt know which one she wants though.

  10. No we don’t have one of these, but I think they look fantastic. I love the way it looks like a normal child, not like the barbie dolls that I used to have.

  11. No, the girls don’t have a Lottie yet but we all think she’s fab and very on-trend with shorts and leggings.

  12. We dont own one atm, however my daughter loves muddy puddles and peppa pig so she would be over the moon with this πŸ™‚

  13. no we don’t but would love one πŸ™‚ I think the rain jacket and wellies are adorable plus it has blonde hair like my daughter πŸ™‚

  14. We don’t have a Lottie doll, but I know Lydia would just love this. I especially like the shiny yellow Mac and matching boots.

  15. My Granddaughter does not have one but this doll certainly comes dressed for the Scottish weather πŸ˜€

  16. No we don’t own one. I love the fact she is so natural, and it goes back to the “old fashioned” more natural dolls that there don’t seem to be nearly enough of around these days

  17. We don’t have a Lottie doll, but I think it would be fantastic for my daughter. I love how cheerful and realistic her design is.

  18. Don’t own one yet but I have promised my 4 year old one for Christmas. I like that they look like real girls, their clothes are modest and cute, not trashy and their bodies are realistic. They also have sporty and intelligent hobbies like football, karate, fossil hunting and star gazing. It’s not all sparkles and glitter with Lottie- showing girls they can be whatever they want. I love it.

  19. We dont have a lottie doll, I like the fact shes actually built like a little girl with a realistic body

  20. We don’t have any Lottie Dolls yet, but they’re high on our list of things to get for my nieces once they’re settled at my mum’s. They’ve had such a hard time in their first few years, including being in an environment that doesn’t allow women to be strong in any way (women are nothing more than pretty cooks or cleaners, basically), so it’s really important for us to give them lots of support to feel self-confident and feel that women can be smart, strong, and talented.
    Sarah Franks recently posted…BecoBowl For Cats – ReviewMy Profile

  21. My granddaughter does not have any yet but they are definitely a better role model than the pippa dolls i had as a child with big boobs and tiny waists girls dont need to start thinking of their shape at such a young age and even my granddaughter at 6 has asked is she fat!

  22. No we don’t have any Lottie dolls as I’ve never seen them before, but my 4 youngest girls would love them. They look much better than Barbies.

  23. I do not think my granddaughter has one so would love to win for her. I love the shorts and leggings although the whole outfit is pretty nice..

  24. We don’t have any as yet but I like them as they are a better, realistic portrayal of woman and all the things they can do-including getting muddy and jumping in puddles. All the kids I know love these toys and it’s great that there’s such a positive doll for them to play with. Dxx

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