Mickey Mouse on Huggies Baby Wipes

Have you seen who’s been featuring on new packs of Huggies baby wipe? None other then the wonderful Mickey Mouse.  He is the first Disney character to feature on huggies, but he wont be the last. Keep a look out as later though the year there will be more Disney characters to see.

I always use baby wipes everyday. They are not just for wiping babies dirty bums. I use them for cleaning messy hands, cleaning up after a painting or messy play sessions, wiping snotty noses and I always keep some in my bag when I am out and about with the kids.

This pack of huggies have the gentle scent of Aloe Vera and are nice a thick. There RRP is just £1.00




These wipes are available from Morrisons and Ocado online for a limited time only.


I also have 3 packs of these to giveaway. So that means one pack each, for 3 lucky winners. Just enter via the gleam widget below.



Mickey Baby wipes

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I received a pack of huggies baby wipes in return for this post. All opinions are mine

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  1. Do use them for my 5 year old daughter when out and about as they dont suit my 2 year old sons sensitive skin

  2. I think I’ve used every brand of wipe available! I do like the huggie wipes though as they are quite thick! I also use them for everything, not just bappy changes!!!!

  3. I use them for everything, I have also found they clean leather really well obviously test in a discrete area but brings my settee up a treat if there are marks or spills. I take them with me everywhere especially useful in the car.

  4. Practically everything – wiping hands, marks on furniture and they are good at getting crayon marks off walls!

  5. I tend to use whatever brand of wipe is on offer, I like the huggies with the handprints on the packet and i use them mostly fot wiping sticky hands and faces.

  6. yes they are my number 1 wipe.
    I use them for babys bum, older ones face and hands, anything really which needs a wipe over. very hand for when painting too.

  7. I do indeed and I use them for absolutely everything from my boys runny nose, to changing nieces nappy & also for cleaning!

  8. I don’t think we’ve ever tried the huggies wipes – we use wetwipes for everything though!

  9. Lots of things:- such as cleaning / cleansing baby’s bottom at nappy change time. Removing face make-up. Cleaning up spills. Cleaning sticky faces, hands etc, etc.

  10. I’ve used Huggies with my son since birth he’s now 10 months, I use for everything Nappy time, Food time and always have them in my bag for sticky fingers for mummy and son 🙂 Best brand by far x

  11. I have tried just about every brand of baby wipes on the market. I also use them to clean my leather dining room chairs

  12. They are useful to clean most stuff, I don’t use them much but always got few round the house

  13. We’ve been using wipes since our own children were babies and over the years they’ve come in so useful from the obvious uses to things like being great for wiping over trainers and ballet shoes, cleaning hands and noses and sticky marks off clothes, bags, furniture etc. Now we have grandchildren so no doubt we will continue to have wipes for years to come.

  14. I don’t have any children but would love to win this prize to donate to charity, to go to Romania.

  15. I use which ever brand is on offer, usually supermarket own brand, they get used for just about everything!

  16. We use them for multi tasks for my granddaughter who’s nearly 2. She’s always getting in a mess!

  17. I use daily in my bag for older kids and younger kids, there so much thicker than the other brand x

  18. I use them for everything! Sticky kids hands and faces, nappy changing, cleaning up spills, taking off make-up. . . the list goes on!

  19. Huggies are our favourite wipe brand, currently use them for my son and will be using them on our new addition. They are fab to use for anything! Biggest achievement was managing to get blood (husband cut his toe fitting the carpet!) out of a cream carpet using huggies wipes!

  20. I always have a pack on the go for when my niece or my partners children are around as the always get mucky playing outside.

  21. I use them when my nephew comes over as he makes such a sticky mess when he eats anything I wipe his hands and face down!

  22. I use Huggies at the moment – best wipes. I use them for bums, faces and randomly cleaning wood – they are great for that! I always have some

  23. I use them for everything, wiping messy hands and faces, cleaning up spills and at nappy changes to name a few

  24. They are good for cleaning up the kids after they have eaten…well got food all over their face and hands.

  25. for cleaning my face before bed so some in my room and some in hand bag for kids dirty sticky fingers

  26. anything and everything not just for the babies for makeup wipes a bit of dirt they come in handy x

  27. Used them from when my daughter was born until now ( shes two) and will continue to use it for as long as needed