The Soniclear brush is is a brush like no other. It cleanses and cleans the face leaving it soft, smooth and fresh looking. It comes in it’s own stand in which it can recharge. It has two brushes , one for the face and one for the body. Each brush has 3 different speed settings, which the body brush being a bit stronger. And the brush also beeps in intervals to let you know to move to a different area.

When I first received the Soniclear to review I was a bit sceptical. I mean, it’s just a brush right? Wrong! This is more than just a brush, it really cleans my skin more then just using my normal cleanser alone. My skin actually feels more softer and smoother using the brush then just using my normal cleanser alone.

soniclear 1 

The two brush heads have their own covers to help keep them clean. But the soniclear also has a special antimicrobial protection that helps get rid of bacteria than can form on the bristles between brushing. Other Brushes like this, don’t have the protection.

The brush is also water-proof so you can use it at the sink or in the bath with no worries about it getting wet

soniclear 2

The brush also come in 6 different colours and patterns. I received the Lavender Lust. But I really like the looks of the Pink Lady one.

soniclear colours range

Michael Todd’s Soniclear has also been featured in some top magazines

soniclear featured in

ELLE magazine – April 2014

INSTYLE magazine – June 2014

PEOPLE magazine – August 2014


The Soniclear is priced at $149 and comes with a 2 year warranty and you can but direct from their website.

I really love the soniclear. It has definitely made my skin smoother,  not just on my face but my body too! I had quite dry patches on my hips and this has got rid of them!!

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I received the Soniclear in return for this post. All opinions are mine

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  1. I like the fact the brush has the ‘antimicrobial protection’ as I am often worried about the bacteria build up in between each use of other brushes.

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