Do you use a credit card? Most of us do nowadays. Paying the bills, shopping, holidays or even to treat ourselves. But did you know that some credit cards reward you for using them? Some cards reward you with cashback, some travel miles , some others with points or vouchers. I have just discovered the Avios credit card from TSB.

There are 2 card types you can get. Either an American Express or a Mastercard. For every £5 you spend on the Mastercard they will give you 1 Avios point. And on the American Express card they will give you 1 Avios pint for every £1 you spend.

These points will soon mount up over the year and then when you are ready you can exchange them for a gift. There are different rewards to pick from like, for 3,000 points you could visit a health spa with a friend. 5,500 points, how about a night out at a comedy club? For 9,000 points you could get a return flight to places like Nice, Amsterdam or Berlin. Have more than 15,000 points? Then you can travel even further afield to the likes of Barcelona, Rome or even Venice.

All these treats you can choose from by just using your credit card like normal. So, If you currently have a credit card that doesn’t offer rewards, maybe you should think about changing. And then get rewarded for things that you would buy anyway.


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  1. I don’t have a credit card and I think I’m missing out with the rewards available, ty so much for this, will definitely be looking into and considering!

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