Easter Egg Surprise Kids Craft

Easter Egg Surprise

My little boy Aaron, made this Easter Egg surprise for me at nursery last week. It is just so sweet and really easy to make so I thought I would share it with you.

All you need it to cut out an egg shape from some thick paper and cut in half in a zig zag shape. Attach a yellow circle to the back of the bottom half of the egg cut out a small square in orange paper and fold diagonally and glue on to make a beak. Add some googly eyes and feathers. Then attach a clip thing (can’t remember what they are called!) so the egg can open and close. and Voilà!

easter egg surprise craft 1

easter egg surprise 2


How cute does this little chick look?

easter egg surprise craft 3




Have you made any Easter crafts with your kids this Easter?


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