Easter Chocolate Egg Nests

You can’t celebrate Easter without making some yummy Chocolate Egg Nests with the kids.

I had no chocolate in the cupboards, so I sent my eldest down to the local  corner shop to buy some milk chocolate. But he said they didn’t have no plain milk chocolate so he brought a bar of fruit and nut. I have never made these with fruit and nut chocolate bar, but it would have to do.

So beside’s your chocolate you need some shredded wheat, I used Tesco’s Malt wheat cereals and also some mini chocolate shelled eggs.




First melt your chocolate in the microwave, be careful not to burn it. Break up some of the malt wheats and mix with the chocolate. Scoop into paper cases then place some of the mini eggs on top. Leave to harden then enjoy 🙂


easter chocolate egg nests recipe for kids


easter chocolate egg nests recipe


How easy was that? And these chocolate egg nests are so yummy, you better get one before the kids nick them all.


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