Creative wall lighting for your living room

The right kind of lighting in your living room offers you a number of options towards creating a specific atmosphere. Strategically placed wall lights can also help to open up a room and highlight an eye-catching focal point.

Careful consideration should be taken with your room illuminations especially if you’re looking to create a welcoming and spacious atmosphere.


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Making an impression

Flexibility is key when it comes to your room lighting and strategically placed wall lights can be very effective when you want to create a certain atmosphere and impression. Flexible spot lights for instance, can be set to shine directly onto objects you wish to place greater focus on – perhaps a framed work of art or a shelf of ornaments. 

This type of lighting can also be set on a wall opposite a large mirror to give the illusion of space in a more compact room. Dimmable spots are a great way to create a muted and more intimate atmosphere during the evenings, and can help the mind to relax in preparation for sleep.

A flexible lighting option

Wall mounted swing lights are popular because of their flexibility, which makes them very important to those who love to sit and read. Hard-backed shades help to direct light downwards producing a more concentrated effect. 

This type of product can come with extendable arms meaning you can pull the light further over a specific area, which is a good when placed over a desk area. Again, dimmer versions are available meaning you can create a subdued atmosphere later in the evening.


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Ceiling lights

If you’re looking for classical effect then consider pendulum lights. The light will be emitted from both the bottom of the shade and this gives a ‘cozy’ glow in specific areas of the room. 

High quality pendulum lights come in a variety of styles to compliment your living space including art deco, minimalist cubes and simple curved designs.

Points to consider

Before choosing your lighting options remember that factors such as the natural light in your home will make a difference to how many lights will be required, especially during the long summer days and evenings. 

Positioning is also important so take a look at the end effect of the illumination on other items such as your television screen. Consider ambient lighting options to give your room a more natural feel and to create a calming effect, and then combine with some accent lights to highlight those alcoves or corner displays.

Good lighting is one of the most inexpensive ways to create an atmosphere as well making your living room look good. A wealth of designs and styles are available including vintage, retro and contemporary lights to complement and enhance your existing room décor.

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