Have you seen these Brain Factor fans for kids? I had never heard of these before until I was asked to review them.

There are 4 different fans to get each for a different age range. suitable for children aged 3-7 years. I choose to review the 4-5 years one and 5-6 one.

The fans have 3 questions on each card and the answers are shown on the card behind. They are also reversible with questions on both sides. The also come in a slide in box to protect them. They are also the perfect size to pop into your bag, so great for taking with you while travelling or waiting at the doctors, etc. As it’s a fan and not just single cards, it’s great as you know that there are no bits to lose. It’s all together in one place


brain factor 1

brain factor 3


We started off with the 4-5 year one. Both my kids Caitlin, 5 and Aaron 4, really enjoyed answering the questions on these cards.

I found the questions just about right for their ability. When we tried the 5-6 year ones, Aaron found it very hard. Caitlin found it quite difficult too. Some of the questions were asking to had penny’s together, like 5p and 2p, etc. And she found the very difficult as they have only just started learning about money in her class at school. So we are saving that one for a few more months. But the other fan as been out no-stop. Even when I am busy and havn’t got the time to sit down and read the questions to them, They are trying to read the questions to each other from just looking at the pictures and trying to work it out themselves, which is fantastic.

brain factor 4


I really like these fans and I will be buying the 6-7 one when they reach that ability. The questions on each fan are support the Early learning and the National curriculum goals.

The fans are available to buy from Amazon, Waterstones and Blackwells for £6.99 each

You can also find Brain Factor on Facebook and Twitter


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I received 2 flip books in return for this post. All opinions are mine

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10 comments on “Brain Factor Fan Books Review”

  1. A clever little idea and I love the way its packaged. The kids looked so excited in the first picture of them. So cute! Thanks for linking to #KidTested

  2. These look really cool! I keep thinking I need to do more ‘developmental’ type stuff at home with my 3 year old. They look perfect for holidays and car journeys too!

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